Saturday, August 27, 2011

Retro revival........

Well girls, I think I can feel a retro revival quilt coming on!!  Think yellow, brown and orange!  Takes me right back to the 70's to our kitchen in Karamu Street (where I grew up).  The wall paper was bold and loud in orange and brown!  I'm sure I cleaned out the Wang op shops on thursday of all vintage sheets and pillowcases!  Yay for me! 

Here is a wee peek.................just a bit of "eye candy" really.....

Night :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

a sneeky peeky...........

Here is a sneeky peeky of some of the items I have for sale in my "etsy" well as a few peeks of some "soon to be listed" frocks!!!  What do ya reckon?

Oh boy, have I been having some head is spinning with ideas, and frankly I just can't seem to keep up with them all.

Note to self:  Finish one project before ye start another!!!

(Does anybody out there actually adhere to that???)

I seem to have MANY garments hanging in my sewing studio needing to be hemmed and de-threaded!  Does that sound familiar???  Anyone out there got any hot "production-line" tips??? 

Anyway.................I have also been "playing" with my new camera..............and "picnik".  Oh gee, another time waster.............or is that "time-consuming waster"? 

enuf ranting and raving.............I best toodle off to bed.

Caio Bella's x

why why why Delila?

Why why why am I always so bloody hungry?  I know I'm not pregnant.  I'm certainly not bored.  I'm not depressed.  Is it just winter?  Is it the cold weather?  Is it because I've been spending more time working from home?  I dunno, but lately I am so blimin hungry?

Over the past few weeks in between running kids to and from school, childcare, callesthenics, guitar, swimming and soccer, running errands, shopping for groceries, scrounging in op-shops, entering invoices, paying bills, cooking, cleaning (well actually........hmmmn) sewing, sewing, sewing, taking photos, FBing, Blogging, skypeing and all those crazy other things us "sooper dooper mums/women do.............I've been EATING EATING EATING..................and BAKING BAKING BAKING.............or is it the other way around?

Chocolate chip cookies, zucchini slice, chocolate cake, muffins in every conceivable flavour...............pear, apple, chocolate, hokey pokey, orange.............and then when I've exhausted all the sweet "options" in my pantry......................SAVOURY...................french onion and cheese..........

Also, I found a few things hiding in the back of the pantry to satisfy little appetite's..............

It's amazing what a wee bit of milk, a teaspoon of leftover choc chips and a sprinkle of sprinkles can do!!

So yes, I have been conjuring up one hell of an appetite!  Not sure why, but not gunna physco analyze it either.  Anyway, where ever you are out there hope this week has been a goodie thus far....

Dee x

Saturday, August 13, 2011

one denim bird goes live on etsy...........

Well finally I am catching up with some of you savvy, motivated sewers..................I have opened up my very own etsy shop. Yippie! 

Please feel free to take a peek, you can click on the link on the right ............I'm open to feedback...........and orders of course.......... he he he!

All of you out there have been my inspiration and it made me realise that I too could become part of this fabulous handmade community, enjoying and sharing what I love to do!

I'm not the best at expressing myself (online) but I felt it was time I engaged with my (wee) audience a bit more...............I thought I would add a bit of (my) history...........for anyone who may be interested.

I have been sewing since I was about 8 years old. First it was hand sewn outfits for my Barbie doll, my mum was a great sewer too, making all sorts of matching outfits for my sister and I in the 70's as well as working for a tailor doing alterations.

My best friends mum, who was a dressmaker, taught us how to make a wrap-around-skirt from start to finish and since that day I have been hooked!

As a teenager I spent my pocket money going to op shops and fabric shops buying treasures to bring home to either re-craft an outfit or make one from scratch.

I spent my 20's living out of a back-pack, travelling the world, concentrating on what I classed as colourful countries, places like India and Burma and Turkey and Thailand...............countries that to me seemed to be "drenched" in colour everywhere you looked.

For me the textiles (oh and did I mention the food and scenery) were the draw card. I delighted in seeing women (and men for that matter) dressed in the most exquisite fabrics in every conceivable colour. I brought (or sent) home many memoirs from places I'd visited..............Turkish rugs, Rajasthani patchwork quilts, Kasmiri shawls and embroidery, Kachin bags from Burma, Ladahki wall hangings, Estonian lace, Indonesian name it I just soaked it all up!!

As you can imagine carrying a sewing machine around in a back pack was NOT an option, at times I stayed in a place long enough to warrant buying an "op shop" sewing machine to indulge in a few crafts, or curtains for a rental or covers for an old couch I scored but generally the less I acquired the better.............well, that was my motto.

So when I became a mum things changed...........for the first time (ever?) I felt I needed to "nest" which required staying put, which meant I could accumulate!!! And so, after 12 years of "nesting" I now have "acquired", "collected", "found" and "hoarded" enough fabric to sink a battleship (as they say).

I'm going to start working my way through my fabric stash........ feeding my soul, through my sewing machine............creating outfits inspired from yesteryear..............from fabrics I have found over the years.....and still enjoy finding during my many op shop scavenges............. for my family, my friends and maybe even you to enjoy!!!

Please, come on this journey with me and enjoy the ride...........

Dee x

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello pretty birdies.............

Most mornings king parrots and rainbow lorrikeets come down to our nectarine tree at our back door.   Mr ODB made a bird feeder to hang in the tree so we can feed our "low-maintenance pets"!!!

  Our 3 year old Miss Nikita gets such joy from this morning ritual and she is always eager to get a wee container of birdseed to feed them (the native birdseed kind, naturally).  
She stands at our ranch slider and says "Hello pretty birdies!

Personally favourites are the Blue wrens!!!  I get such a kick out of watching them twitter around the back yard!!!   But all in all I just love watching birds from my kitchen makes dish washing much more pleasant I say!!!

Anyway, I managed to come across these gorgeous vintage pictures of "birdies" over at the The Graphics Fairy where you can find all sorts of interesting vintage pictures to use for your crafting............... go ahead,  take a peep!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

American Pickers!!!

Did anyone out there see this show last night????  It was my first time!!!  In fact purely by accident as I'm usually hiding out in the studio sewing like a demon!!  American Pickers  9.30pm wednesdays on 7mate!!!

Can you believe (what am I saying???  of course you can!!!) the stuff these guys would find on their travels across the US "picking" for a bargain.

Some people really know the meaning of collecting, keeping and hoarding ha! 

I bet these 2 fellas find all sorts of interesting relics on their journey!!!  Lucky Buggers!!!

Hope you too have found a particularly good relic this week!!!


Dee x

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage Sheet Fat Quarter Swap

Hi everyone, I would have plugged this a lot earlier only its taken me this long to figure out how to link a page element to my blog (doh)!!! And I'm still not sure if I've mastered it ???  But here goes.........

For the first time EVER I am a part of the "Great Australian"  (I'll call it that!) Vintage Sheet FQ Swap" 


Oh boy am I just a tad excited or what!!!  I have been methodically washing, airing, measuring, cutting, ironing and piling up a stack of vintage goodness to send off to the gorgeous Kel over at Green Tea and Red Nails.

The amazing Kel will be collecting, collating and distributing all the wonderful FQ's that you send in.

If you are interested click on the link and drop on over and see what Kel is offering!!!  You too could be a part of this amazing SWAP!!!  Better get in quick tho.......time is running out!!!

What a Beauty!!!

I'm still pinching myself.............I can't believe I scored this gorgeous Jacobean style lounge suite at a local garage sale on the weekend.

I pulled into the drive way on the way to the kids soccer gala day and thought I'd have a 2 min scrounge!!!  Oh yeah, right Dee!!!  Anyway when I got to the back of the shed here was this gorgeous lounge suite, in near perfect condition.  It still has the original upholstery and the timber and wood carved trim are gorgeous.  There is barely a scratch on her!!!

So in love with the colour and the burgundy trim as well.  The springs are still in great condition and the cane wicker on the side is fully intact!  Unbelievable for it's age.

The lady I bought it from used to run the local op shop and she was just as delighted to be giving it to someone she knew as I was to be taking it off her hands!!!  It originally belonged to her mother and her grandmother had given it to her mum as a present!  She said no one hardly ever sat on it in the main living room!!!

Thank you universe!!!  I have always loved this style and era lounge suite.  My own nana had one when I was a girl in the 70's.  Absolutely delighted!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and you were as lucky as I was in your hunt for treasures!!!

Dee x
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