Monday, August 1, 2011

What a Beauty!!!

I'm still pinching myself.............I can't believe I scored this gorgeous Jacobean style lounge suite at a local garage sale on the weekend.

I pulled into the drive way on the way to the kids soccer gala day and thought I'd have a 2 min scrounge!!!  Oh yeah, right Dee!!!  Anyway when I got to the back of the shed here was this gorgeous lounge suite, in near perfect condition.  It still has the original upholstery and the timber and wood carved trim are gorgeous.  There is barely a scratch on her!!!

So in love with the colour and the burgundy trim as well.  The springs are still in great condition and the cane wicker on the side is fully intact!  Unbelievable for it's age.

The lady I bought it from used to run the local op shop and she was just as delighted to be giving it to someone she knew as I was to be taking it off her hands!!!  It originally belonged to her mother and her grandmother had given it to her mum as a present!  She said no one hardly ever sat on it in the main living room!!!

Thank you universe!!!  I have always loved this style and era lounge suite.  My own nana had one when I was a girl in the 70's.  Absolutely delighted!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and you were as lucky as I was in your hunt for treasures!!!

Dee x

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  1. That is a score! Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog too. I hope you do get inspired to do more screen printing. x


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