Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She who bargain hunts wins and birthday bambina

Apologies from camp "one denim bird" life just gets away on me at times and making time to update my blog seems to be getting harder and harder!!!
Since finishing that dress I have been secretly preparing for Miss Nikita's 4th birthday.  She took a liking to her besties Baby Born doll, who was allowed to come have a sleep over for 5 nights, so I decided to get one for her for her birthday, only to discover they are a whopping $60-70.  WTF??
Being the bargain hunting girl that I am I purchased a preloved one on ebay for a mere $20 and then got down and dirty and crafted said doll a few outfits!

a seersucker jumpsuit
a lil pair of PJ's
a seersucker dress
another vintage dress
and another with matching hat!
(I know ... I'm insane!  But I had so much fun)
Do you recognise any of the fabrics?

Then I happened to pick up a baby doll stroller and carry cot for $3 at a local garage sale.
(I know - I was like - the universe is totally providing!)
The seat needed repairing on the stroller so I went all out and re did the whole thing in a 1950s floral fabric sample a friend had given me!
so cute
Our lovely neighbours organised their handyman "Pop" to build the cutest wooden cradle and I whipped up a patchwork quilt, sheet, pillow and mattress made from all my fabric scraps!

(Look at that sweetpeas wittle face.  That doll hasnt left her side since Monday.)

and still there is more ...

Ma and Pa are here from NZ and Nana knitted Nikita's doll some cardy's and beanies. 
Yay for Nana the knitter!
There is much more to show and tell but I havent quite finished all my projects or photographed everything so you will have to wait till next time ok petals.

These last few weeks have also been filled with

1.   a weekend away in Rutherglen for the Day on the Green
2.   a speed trip to Melbourne to do an IKEA run
3.   a major re-organisation of bookshelves
4.   a trailer load of crap to go to the tip
5.   a 4WD trip for hubby and kids
6.   organising a party for Miss 4 year old
7.    a trip to the airport to pick up Nan and Pop
8.    a reptile show
9.   Nikita's birthday party (a really lovely low-key party with her 3 closest girlfriends)
10.   and sadly a snotty case of Sinusitus just to remind me I need to slow down and take care of myself a bit better!

Never fear though lovies I am still here and there is more to come!
Hope you are all having a fabulous week where ever you are,
Dee xox

Friday, March 16, 2012

Frock on Friday ...

The life and times of a vintage floral sheet ...

phase 1

A vintage floral bed sheet.
phase 2

A painters drop sheet.

phase 3

A fabulous frock!
A frock for all occasions?
For breakfast, lunch or dinner?
A house frock, a picnic frock, a pick up the kids frock, a make the hubby gasp frock,
a seduce a rock god frock,  who knows?
A sensible, down to earth, recycled, handmade with love frock!
(Oh and that's me in my first ever "Frock on Friday" pose -
please bear with me while I get more courageous!!!)

What do ya think?

I had so much fun creating this little number!  I bought this sheet while on our get-away to the coast a few weeks back purely for its colours.
(I love a good 70s era purple)
The sheet was in very poor condition.  It has turquoise and apricot paint splatters everywhere, wax blobs and mould stains here and there!  I had to strategically place the pattern pieces but still couldn't quite manage a "clean" pattern piece!  Well, whatever!  Thanks to the gorgeous pattern on the fabric the stains are easily disguised.

I wanted to create some groovy pockets on the side and the purple bias
was just the look I was after !

A V neckline, and the little tie was a cute after thought.  I may need to create larger cap sleeves
to hide my *ahem* bat wings though *argh* 
All in all I am pretty darn happy with the outcome! 
This one is for keeps but I will be making a few more in the not too distant future!

Stay tuned loved ones .....

Dee xox

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two more sleeps ....

Hi honeys!
The excitement is building here at camp "one denim bird" .....
In two more sleeps I am heading to All Saints Winery near Rutherglen to see

starring ...
Jon Steven's aka Noiseworks!
Being the kiwi girl that I am, I have always been a wee bit partial to a good lookin Maori Boy
(or two) with a great voice!  This is gunna take me right back to the late 80's in a flash!  I saw this mullet sporting fella at the Central Coast Leagues Club in 89 and again at the Bateau Bay Hotel in 90.
Crikey - was it that long ago?
I wonder if he will revisit this number from his NZ era???

  I'm glad he has a bit more "meat" on his bones these days!
Another one I'll be drooling over has to be the meanest guitarist in Australian history!

the very talented
Ian Moss
(did I mention I'm a wee bit partial to a guitarist or two as well - nudge nudge wink wink)
I'll also be
"doing the Eagle Rock" with Ross Wilson 
and riding on "The Horses" with Daryl Braithwaite!
I'm not sure what I'll be "doing" with the "Choirboys" -
I can't say I really ever got "into" them.

But no doubt I will be wiggling me hips and singing like a bird.
The only thing I'm spewing about is "Dragon" wont be there for this
"Day on the Green"
Anyway it's gunna be a bit of a hoot!

(me thinks I'm turning into an old groupie!!!)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday frocks ....

Today I posted 3 dresses to Melbourne!

Now it's time to clean up my sewing mess and move everything back out to the sewing room!
With this wet weather we have been experiencing of late I got sick of running in and out of my sewing studio in the rain so I practically moved it all into our dining area!!

It kind of took over our dining table and surrounds and now it NEEDS to go back!

17 more sleeps until Nan and Pop arrive and 17 more sleeps till my baby turns 4 years old.

I have a lot to organise between now and then!  Or should I say I have a lot I WANT to organise between now and then.

Usually I write a list of "handyman" jobs I can get my Dad to do while he is here but this time I want to make the most of every minute they are here and besides my Ma and Da need a well earned rest!  So I will "crack on" and try to do them myself.  I can be rather handy with nails and a hammer when need be!

Have a great weekend peeps!  We have a long weekend here in Victoria, so I wont need to stress about school lunches come Monday morning!  Yay!

Ciao Bella's,
Dee x

Friday, March 2, 2012

The countdown has begun ....

Today is a very special day for my mum and dad!

They got married 44 years ago!

Happy Anniversary Mum and Dad!

Ain't they fine looking specimens!

Weren't they just the cutest looking couple!

And then I came along!

Whoa .... what a beach babe!

(all photos from the family archives)

Everyone here is getting super excited as it's only 24 more sleeps till they come visit!  Yay

Hope you all have a fab weekend planned ....
I am volunteering at the

should be a hoot!

Ciao Bella's,

Dee x0x

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