Thursday, April 26, 2012

This + This + This = That!

This transportation

+ this accommodation

+ this beautiful gourmet Island

 + these kinds of markets

+ lots of retail therapy

 + scenic exploration

and meeting the locals

 and then coming home on this



In my former life (before children) I was a full time traveller.
(for want of a better title)
I am my HAPPIEST when I am planning, booking, preparing and going on an adventure.
I usually fly back to NZ every year to catch up with the whanau (family) and when I come home I go through a mild depression until I start planning my next trip.
Sometimes it may only be a quick trip to Melbourne, sometimes it's off to the coast for 2 or 3 days, other times it's a weekend on the Murray River or in the Mountains.
But my favourite adventures by far involve an aeroplane journey
and that's not necessarily because I enjoy travelling by air,
in fact the palaver before and after take-off is rather tedious
(especially with 3 children in tow)
it's more about the fact that we are going somewhere OVERSEAS!
Exotic locations are by far my pick,
(think Asia on a shoe-string)
but these days I am happy to go
And the "Apple Isle" has been on my bucket list
for like - EVER!
AND I think it will be rather
Bon Voyage my friends!
I will see you soon
Mwah x

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Feast your eyes ...

Hello there precious pups ...
A while back I found this little number (literally)
 in my favourite local op shop.

I spotted that nylon a mile away and the colours were screaming at me!
(are you having trouble focusing on that fabric too?)
For a mere $1.50 AUD I just had to add these togs to my wardrobe.
(togs = bathers, swimmers, one piece, cozzie)
I left the op shop feeling rather smug.

Oh but if only my birthing hips were a tad smaller!

I had difficulty photographing the label
(because of the way its been sewn in)
but it read

A great incentive to lose a kilo or two before our next "poolside" season!

Hope you're all having a fab week.

Dee x

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Check this out ...

I have just signed up to take part in

 and you
 NEED some FUN in your life
pop on over to Lakota's fabulous blog
and join in the
It's going to be fabulous dahlings x

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm a Picmonkey

I have been playing with a new photo editing software called
coz I'm not too crash hot at taking photos
I NEED to fancy my photos up with a wee bit of
photo shopping!
It's a bit of fun and a bloody good time waster.

In other news
the clothesline has finally been erected
the pavers have been laid!

The new clothesline area is going to make my life far less complicated
(I just know it)

I have also been chipping away at a pretty frock!

If you haven't ever noticed (I secretly hope you haven't) my dresses are generally
made up in my head!
I then use an assortment of vintage patterns

to create a dress that I feel looks good.
I usually shave a bit off here and add a bit there, lower bust darts here
 (we are saggier breasted in the 21st century compared to the perky numbers we sported 40 years ago)
and take an inch or 3 off the necklines
(I think our necks are larger these days too)
Lets just say -  its all part of my wonderfully erratic crafty process.

Hope you're enjoying life.
Dee x

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello Lovelies ...

Well another Easter is done and dusted and we didn't even indulge too much in chocolate this year.
The kids got their standard "egg" from the big white bunny and a few wee eggs were passed around at various times during the day but nothing too damaging!

It is only two more sleeps till Nana and Poppa (mum and dad to me) head off on their wee adventure around the coastline (thanks to a rental car) making their way back to Sydney before they embark on the final leg of their annual pilgrimage across the "dutch" (that's kiwi for ditch)

Boy oh boy, we will miss them and
I will be a sad sack for days :-(

My little Sis and niece both have birthdays coming up and I have been secretly working on something special for the two of them
(nan and pop will hand deliver these when they get home)

me thinks they will like

I will reveal more very soon!

Poppa and I have been doing handyman jobs around the yard and we have finally shifted my saggy old wonky clothesline and tidied up the surrounds!
(photos to come)
I am RAPT to have a PROPER clothesline area just outside my laundry door!  It will make hanging out my op shopped vintage sheets a real pleasure.
(not that its ever been a chore)

and just for fun ....

I have discovered PicMonkey
and I am so freaking happy because I have been using Picnik to edit my blog photos and seen as it is closing down on me on the 19th April I was desperate to find another easy peasy lemon squeezy photo editing software!

A rare shot of me
Yay for my favourite floral frock, a cup of tea, butterflies and flowers in my hair!
(confession - some things have been photoshopped!)

I hope Easter has been fabulous for you too
Dee x

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sometimes .......

I can be such an

(photo taken at the top of the Col de tourmalet - Pyrenees 2010)

I have just unlocked the "word verification" on my blog comments!

(feel free to go wild)



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I can do "magic" ...

Some of you may be opposed to all things IKEA
(and i can relate)
I've been doing the wonky op shopped office desk thingo for far too long
and when I received a nice little tax return a while back I made the decision to
spend it on a "do up" for the kids study nooks!
I managed to put the first desk together by myself
(although Grace said I swore a LOT)
and Poppa is here at the moment so he helped me with the rest and also to secure
everything to the walls!

I think my kids are pretty happy little Vegemites!
(or Marmites for you NZ readers!)
Yay for tidy, brighter, more organised study nooks.

Dee x
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