Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1970 circa Black Leather Lounge suite???

I'm posting this on my blog as I am hoping someone out there may have some idea what "Brand" this lounge suite is...................I have owned it for 4-5 years now. I bought it off our local second hand furniture dealer (who has since closed shop and moved on). We used it for 3-4 years before the leather perforated and despite several desperate attempts at patchwork it became obvious it wasn't suitable for a family with 3 children!!! I haven't had the heart to sell it or get rid of it as I totally love it's unusual shape and eclectic "look". It is currently sitting under our large veranda and even though we don't have the dollars to get it re-upholstered I just can't bare to part with it.

If anyone out there has ever come across this model before or anything remotely like it could you please drop me a line. I will post more photos soon!!

I was told it is a 1970 era, with Black wood legs. It is part of a 3 seat sofa, 2 one seaters, a foot stool and a marble top coffee table with leather trim and Black wood legs. Very unusual!!!!!

Anyone out there got any idea?

More zip purses ...

Just another run of zip purses for market day  ................ I have been rummaging through my fabric stash and come across many colourful pieces of fabric to use for these bright and cheary zip purses.  The standard recyled denim jean fabric, old op shop skirt fabric, vintage sheet fabric, velour, spotlight bits and bobs and even the odd recycled jean zip.  Anything I can find to recycle is the order of the day. Lots of fun!!!

A few Easter projects.......

I also got inspired after attending our local market during the easter school holidays..........a fellow stall holder was selling the cutest tweed hats and I remembered I had a whole pile of upholstery samples that I was almost going to send off to the local op shop!! I dragged them out of the "stash" and found a pattern to boot!!! Here are some of the creations I came up with.............

Using up that purple paisley curtain!!!

I've been so inspired of late and have spent many hours on the sewing machine. So many infact that I was plainly getting tired one afternoon and sewed right through the tip of my left middle finger!!! Ouch!
Fortunately, it hasn't put me off and I am still blasting away at the sewing  machine on a regular basis. One of the "larger" projects I have had going for a while is slowly coming to an end and I am delighted with the results..............I'm hoping my 3 year old will be too when it finally reaches her bed!!
In between I got side tracked and have made a few other bits and bobs from this gorgeous 70's era purple paisley curtain fabric!!! 
Just some of the things I am creating for the up and coming market .........

Dee x
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