Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Using up that purple paisley curtain!!!

I've been so inspired of late and have spent many hours on the sewing machine. So many infact that I was plainly getting tired one afternoon and sewed right through the tip of my left middle finger!!! Ouch!
Fortunately, it hasn't put me off and I am still blasting away at the sewing  machine on a regular basis. One of the "larger" projects I have had going for a while is slowly coming to an end and I am delighted with the results..............I'm hoping my 3 year old will be too when it finally reaches her bed!!
In between I got side tracked and have made a few other bits and bobs from this gorgeous 70's era purple paisley curtain fabric!!! 
Just some of the things I am creating for the up and coming market .........

Dee x

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