Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lazy Bloggers guide to lazy blogging ......

Don't mind me, I am up to my usual trickery of rare blog posting!!!

So I am doing a lazy post today ..... linking to fabulous bloggers that I have been hanging with of late who are switched on and consistent!!!

You can get the low down here 

(follow all the links - it was a week of delirious hilarious glorious-ness!)
then check out the new and fabulous owner of this dress
Its a pleasure to sew for such greatness!!!
Also, I am loving my new tooled leather coin purse
from the fabularse
and Sarah
Look at the sunshine beaming down on these two!!!
*  *  *  *
I have big ideas for this latest acquisition ...
But what I've been itching to tell you most is   .....

This unidentified object was spotted near the coast a few weeks back!

a wee bit of sweet talking and hard core negotiations and she came home to mah house!!!

she needs lots of TLC
and I'm gonna give it to her good!
and bring her back to her former glory!
Meet "Maisie" the Globe Trotter 1950s Bondwood caravan!
(sourced this photo from here )
This is what she may have looked like in the 50's - with my added photo shopped logos!
stay tuned oh loved ones - this is going to be a long-haul project :)

 In the mean time I'll get back to what I do best .....
(hide in my sewing room!)
Love ya all xoxox


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