Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holiday op shop finds

Hi all, i know, i just cant help myself, even while holidaying i still have to hunt out op shops.......infact, in my case, its often one of the highlights of a holiday.  What i really love about finding oppies in holiday mode is i get to linger longer, as im totally relaxed and not thinking about all the pressing chores at home.

Every op shop has a different vibe, so its fun to leisurely fossick amoungst new (well, old) treasure.

Yesterday, i found these 3 groovey half finished sewing projects.  I cant wait to get home and sew them up to see exactly what they look like.

Pic 1:  cute yoke and sleeves which i will be able to use for my little girlie patchwork dresses.  Size 5.

Pic 2:   a gorgeous simple green patterned ladies dress, size to be revealed.

Pic 3:  blue floral A frame tunic top, size to be revealed also.

Once finished, i will be selling these on etsy.
All are vintage, definately 70's or earlier.
The fabrics are gorgeous. Hope the photos are clear enough.

Ciao bellas x

via mobile

poor quality photo I know
but this is a half finished vintage dress I picked up at the oppie :-)

more op shop finds via mobile upload

another vintage fabric find - pattern cut out and never sewn up!
Watch this space .....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Belle of the Ball.........

Hi girls,

yesterday i finished this dress for a gorgeous local girl

she was off to a Deb Ball with her family!

She promised she would do lots of twirling on the dance floor,

you would too, wouldnt you?

The dress is made from a gorgeous olive green crepe. 
(found at the op shop of course) 
It drapes beautifully
and the
large box pleat in the front
looked so flattering.
She looked stunning!
She was wearing red heels with it!

My guess is she was turning heads last night!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Here goes.....

Im trying to figure out if Im savvy enough to go blogger mobile.......wish me luck.  Oh and the photo is just a bit of eye candy, which was taken just over a year ago but seems like a life time ago now :-(  apologies for the poor quality.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm having a Doris Day moment............

What will be will be..............

My mum always sang this song when we were having a moment.....

check out the link:

I find myself doing it regularly too!

Go Doris!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Op shop road trip...........

Last weekend I had to go on a road trip to Echuca............our 12 year old daughter Grace had a Callesthenics Concert.  So, me and my girls, Grace and Nikita (3) took off on Friday and drove across the country...........well some of it.

It was a great opportunity for me to coincide it with a good ole op shop scrounge!!!  I LOVE scouting out new op shops in new towns!!!  AND I have a sneeking suspicion you do too!!

I had my new bible on board as well aka The Op Shop Guide Victoria"

I found lots of funky new fabrics which you can take a peek at over HERE but here is a sneak preview...

Love this paisley find..........

this ones kinda crazy too...

I think someone out there is gunna fall in love with this one.....

Love the "Nana" brown ones..............

I also SOLD this beauty to a lovely lady in the USA last week!  Woop Woop!
As Mr ODB said...  "Holy Shit, now your exporting!"

It has Vintage Fords 1906 on it!

and would you believe it was heading to FORD country, near Detroit, Michigan.

It was the first dress I made for sale back in December last just took me several months to get my A into G and upload them onto ETSY
or more to the the blinkers HOW to upload them!
I'm such a Gen X takes me a loooooooooooong time to figure out the "techno" side of things............and I'm still making mistakes!!!

But slow and steady wins the race I say!!

Anyway Petals, today I finished another cutie munchkin dress for a special someone...

the little blue and green one on the right!!

I havent quite figured out which step I love the most out of making these little dresses

a) the op shopping hunt for fabric (tick)
b) the fabric and colour selection process (tick)
c) the pondering how to construct it process (tick)
d) the photographing process (tick)
e) the gorgeous smile on a little girls face when she wears it!  (BIG FAT OLE TICK)

All in all, its a mighty fine process indead-dee!

Well pretty ladies, hope your all happy and well.........

Dee x

Thursday, September 15, 2011

For the little Ladies.....

Hi everyone...............well I feel totally out of the loop here in Blogland as I haven't posted anything for ages.  But what I have been doing is squeezing a lot of sewing into my dandy wee life.

I recently made one of these dresses for my little Miss Nikita (3 - and a half - as she likes to inform us!). I wasn't too sure if she would wear it, as she's a rather practical girl when it comes to dressing, she knocks around in t shirts and trackie dacks (as we call them in our household) most of the time.  She doesn't really show any signs of wanting to be "girly" and I dont encourage it, not because I'm against it, on the contrary, I just let her be.

Anyway, since making up a few more of these lovelies she has started wearing dresses, like every day, with and without her trackie dacks all this prettiness lying around the house is starting to rub off,


 someone special out there has already got first DIBS on these ones but never fear Petals, I will be making more of these, in varying colours, and I'll be listing them on my ETSY shop!


now that I have a whole pile of vintage FQ's thanks to the fabulously organised Miss Kel over at Green Tea and Red Nails 

I have lots of gorgeous colours and patterns for inspiration. YAY!

Well Luvs, I seriously need some beauty sleep.........

night x

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More lovely treasures....

A few weeks back I scored a delish Jacobean Lounge suite from a garage sale, but what I didn't get around to sharing back then was I also picked up not ONE but TWO of these lovely little chairs..........

and............then on my usual op shop hunt I managed to find this wee treasure...........
a cute az cushion that someones Nana was bound to have crossed stitched in front of a roaring fire with her nana blanket on her knee!

Isn't she a ripper - (oh and she literally IS a wee bit "ripped" but thats exactly how I like her!)

Cute, comfy, old, wooden, arms, ripped, nana-ry...............I think your getting the drift!


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot Pink never dies..........

Morning all..............

I'm guessing most of you are enjoying Fathers Day where ever you are.............. did dad get breakfast in bed at your house?  Did he get any special gifts?

Well in our household Mr ODB is super practical, he doesn't do breakfast in bed, he got up before everyone else and had his customary bowl of cereal!  But the kids scurried around the house this morning, making a fuss over him and he accepted an offer for a "posh" coffee from our 12 year old, who has been learning how to use our new fan dangle coffee machine (god I love having a Barista in the house!! )  Mr ODB was delighted when he opened his present and there were 2 pairs of "explorer" socks!!!  (His request - and see I told you, he is Mr Practical - with a capital P!)

Anyway, like every other year..........he left for work at 8.45am.  So me and the kids are bunking down on this wet Sunday fathers day and I will head out to the sewing room sometime after a blog post and a "speed clean".

In the meantime, I'm in a Hot Pink mood today so thought I'd throw a bit of eye candy at you all...... and for me, a little reminiscing.

In the 70's we grew Camellia's in our garden........... and my guess is my Mum must have loved them so much we bought an Austin 1100 and named her....


And YES, she was HOT PINK!

I thought it was such a Nana car (and it was)!  But we had lots of fun driving around town in Camellia with mum and her friends, and all us kids piled in the back.  Of course none of us wore seat belts back then.............amazing I'm still here to tell the story really.

I also had a daisy doll, she wore hot pink dresses and had brown hair

just like me!

She had a Mary Quant table and chairs it was VERY cool...

We would try to make dinner sets and food for Daisy using

FIMO - have you ever tried it?

we tried our hand at cakes...

but they never turned out this good!

In the early eighties we'd go roller skating every weekend............

I never had flash boot skates like these but we would improvise..........

we used our gumboots, strapped into out roller skates and we'd fold the top of the gumboot down!  It worked a treat.

When I grew up (?) I wore this hot pink dress to a wedding.......

I found it at the Savemart Secondhand clothing in Mount Maunganui.  It has the most stunning floral design.

Anyway lovelies, thats a little bit of trivia for you this sunday morning..........I'm off to sew sew sew, I have had a few "etsy" orders this week, so that is very exciting for little ole me!

Enjoy ;-)


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