Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holiday op shop finds

Hi all, i know, i just cant help myself, even while holidaying i still have to hunt out op shops.......infact, in my case, its often one of the highlights of a holiday.  What i really love about finding oppies in holiday mode is i get to linger longer, as im totally relaxed and not thinking about all the pressing chores at home.

Every op shop has a different vibe, so its fun to leisurely fossick amoungst new (well, old) treasure.

Yesterday, i found these 3 groovey half finished sewing projects.  I cant wait to get home and sew them up to see exactly what they look like.

Pic 1:  cute yoke and sleeves which i will be able to use for my little girlie patchwork dresses.  Size 5.

Pic 2:   a gorgeous simple green patterned ladies dress, size to be revealed.

Pic 3:  blue floral A frame tunic top, size to be revealed also.

Once finished, i will be selling these on etsy.
All are vintage, definately 70's or earlier.
The fabrics are gorgeous. Hope the photos are clear enough.

Ciao bellas x

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