Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pearly whites ...

Hi All,

Today I drove to Wang to take my gorgeous baby girl, Nikita to the DENTIST !

(notice it says ME not my girl!!!)

I was seriously shitting myself as I haven't had a filling since I was about 7 years old
(and neither Grace nor Teo have any - oh woops - Grace and Teo are Nikita's older siblings!)
and my memories of that incident surely didn't leave me with the "warm and fuzzies". 
I can't say I remember the pain but it can't have been overly pleasant as I was gripping the old wooden arm chair like there was no tomorrow and then the nurse yelled at me to stop squeezing her arm and move mine away!  DOH!  How the hell did I know it was her freaking arm???? 
(it felt as stiff as an old wooden arm chair!!!)

Luckily for me I have good healthy teeth because if I didn't I'd be such a wos, woose, wuss !! 
So, like the "worry wart" mum that I am, I had been playing the whole dental visit up, telling Nikita how much fun it would be (shhh) and that she may get a sticker or something at the end.  I even booked myself into the local dentist for an annual clean last week and purposely took Nikita along to pretend I was really enjoying it  (ahem) just so she would get used to the environment and think it was going to be nothing other than goodness!

Ha, well I didnt really need to go through all that palaver as she happily got up on the dental chair, popped her sunnies on and did everything Miss Dental Nursie asked her to without even flinching once and my brave girl had the decay "cleaned" out and filled with "stuff" to keep all the "yukky germs" away! 
(as said almost word for word by the reassuring Miss Dental Nurse)

All in all it was a very happy experience for both mother and child!!! 

Anyway pets, it's time for beddie bize, I managed to sneak in a bit of op shopping in between dental visits and xmas shopping so will post photos tomorrow!

Night xox

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Project Package

Hello Possums,

this year I am taking part in the Project Package

run by the fabulous Nadia over at

  It's my first time :-)

My partner in crime for this fun swap is the amazingly talented Graphic Artist Colleen over at

Pop over and take a peek at her colourful blog!  She is in the process of launching her very own

 etsy shop ...

 stay tuned............. this girl is going places!

Dee xox

Friday, November 25, 2011

GREEN with envy.....

Well not particularly..............but this week has been full of GREEN !

1. Squirrel Tin - op shopped

2. Floral tunic handmade by me using op shopped polished cotton.  This fabric has the prettiest floral design.............I wish I had found rolls of the stuff but unfortunately there was only enough for this one tunic!

3.  Finishing touches to this wee tots dress - handmade by moi using op shopped fabric.

4. Laying out a possible design for my vintage sheet FQ quilt cover.  Fabrics from the Famous Kel's Vintage sheet FQ swap as well as my own op shopped collection!  Can't wait to finish this one!!

5. Vintage buttons kindly donated by the very generous Mrs Kronaeur who also gave me all those delicious vintage patterns

6. Finishing touches to a half finished homemade vintage dress found at the op shop.  Lucky I discovered it and brought it home to finish the job!!! 

7.  A new design for my etsy shop!

8. A fabulous full gathered skirt for one of my gorgeous local customers!

9.  My absolute favourite, most comfy and well worn Chinese slippers!  Yay for the rubber sole as I wear these babies inside, outside to hang washing, out to the sewing room in the shed, and they have even been known to drop off the kids at school on a number of occasions!
(excuse my funny looking feet!)

10.  And last but by no means least..... my lovely green ceramic tiki!

Hope you all have a great weekend planned.  It is predicted to rain all weekend here in the Mountains so I may get a bit more sewing finished.

Au revoir my sweets........

Dee xox

Monday, November 21, 2011

one denim bird goes BOLLYWOOD!!!

Well I can finally reveal a few pictures of the creation I made for the lovely Sammy (left) who is a local lass that co-owns the delightful 50's style cafe in Bright called Coral Lee with her partner in crime, Leonie (right).

These two girls hand make all the mouth watering goodies at Coral Lee ..... tasty slices, salads, dressings, relish, cakes to drool over and fabulous coffee!

Coral Lee is also a treasure trove of op shopped finds!  All the dainty tea cups and sauces, 70's era coffee mugs, miss matched plates, aprons, record player and fittings have been sourced second hand, op shopped or handmade! 


Sammy commissioned (little ole) me to make her 50's style dress (with a Bollywood twist) from a traditional Sari bought back personally from India by Leonie, who's wedding was held yesterday afternoon!

It was an absolute pleasure to be able to help out such a lovely bubbly lass not only because I got to create something so gorgeous but also because using an Indian Sari to make up the dress felt close to my own heart.  Having travelled through parts of India in my hey day I have such fond memories of not only the array of colour, texture and variety of Indian textiles but also the daily trials and tribulations of travelling in such a vast and diverse land.  It was truly magical.

So here they are ....

Now I just need to get a hold of photos of Sammy twirling in her beautiful dress.............coming soon  
Watch this space .....
Hope you all had a fab weekend,
Dee xox

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Check out this AMAZING giveaway!!!

Hi Lovelies,

if you haven't already heard of the fabulously talented Miss Bec over at Naughty Shorts! then head over there now and check out her incredible giveaway!!

Miss Bec has teamed up with Lotta From Stockholm. from the UK who supply the yummiest clogs for this amazing giveaway...

To be in to win a Naughty Shorts "Annie dress"

and a pair of your favourite coloured  CLOGS

head on over to the Naughty Shorts FB page and the Lotta From Stockholm FB page and LIKE this divine combo!
Leave a comment on Miss Bec's blog post once you have chosen a gorgeous fabric from her incredibly colourful collection
and you will go into the draw for her naughty giveaway!

Don't miss this spectacular opportunity...... I know I'm not :-)

Ciao Bella's

Dee xox

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A week of fabrics...

Hello Petals.........

this week I have been hiding out in my sewing room (oh god it's a mess) concentrating on a master piece for a very special local lady!  It has been a very creative journey but I can only reveal a wee sneak as she is wearing it for a very special occasion this weekend and I don't want to give too much away!

all I can say is, it's GORGEOUS!

you will all have to be patient and wait till after the weekend for photos of the finished product!!!

In the mean time
I seem to have accumulated a LOT of lovely fabrics this week and I have several orders for said lovely local lass...

a cute little 50's blouse in this fun seersucker!

a full gathered skirt in this pretty rayon!

a 50's style dress in this gorgeous cotton!

and wait and see what we have in store for this purple baby.....
this used to be a curtain!!!

and this too.............Oh god, I cant decide which one I like the's too hard to choose

this yummy bark cloth I found at our local op shop.  Several metres for a mere $2.  I have grand plans for this lot, there is enough for a queen size quilt!  And maybe cushions too! YUM.

and these 4 lovelies I will add to the fabric stash for custom orders!

Wow, so all in all things are ticking along nicely here at camp one denim bird :-)

Hope your all having a happy week.

Ciao, Dee xox

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Coming up roses....

  I love this time of year when all the roses are in full bloom!  It reminds my of a lifetime ago when I had a job as a "rose pruner"!!! Oh yes indeedy I did!

This little lovely was already in our garden when we purchased our humble home almost 7 years ago!  She is quite a show pony............... when she first flowers she is a stunning yellow, then as she matures she changes from yellow to pink and then to white with pink trim!

She really makes my day brighter!

And, I seem to be attracting roses of late................ and florals...

op shop finds.........

English rose bowls..............
fun floral apron...................
Mexican rose table cloth............

That table cloth is going straight to the pool room!!!  I mean, its going straight onto the Xmas dinner table!  YAY!  I just realised it is only 6 weeks left of the school term and then Christmas is here!
Oh me oh my...........what is a girl to do??

Why, anything and everything of course!!! 

Yeeha!  I better get moving then aye!

Ciao Bella's....

Dee x

Monday, November 7, 2011

In a previous life........

Hi lovelies..........

Well the weather is hotting up here in the Mountains and my sewing room is getting a bit too warm to spend the day in!!!  I have had the pedestal fan blasting it's guts out in front of the sewing machine but despite the fact it's on full noise, its just not keeping this gal cool enough!!!   hmmmm..........

One must think seriously about what one is going to do about this issue before the "real" summer kicks in. 

Anyway, In the mean time I have been playing with different fabrics and have come up with a couple of fun numbers I'll be adding to my etsy shop..........real soon!

In a previous life these two pretties were...........wait for it..........

A fun summer frock and an A line skirt with front pockets!  Yay!

Oh I wish I had taken a before shot though.............table cloth on table with devonshire tea and bone china or something!!! But if the truth be known I can't bake scones to save myself!!!  And........I never remember the camera until it's too late!! Bugger!  (next time)

As hard as it was to cut them up I had to be realistic.  As tablecloths they would annoy me with all their beetroot and tea stains, fading and frays but with a bit of ingenuity and precarious pattern piece placement I can see the potential in almost anything!

That's what I love about this "craft"!

Well possums, hope your week is off to a great start.

chat again soon

Dee xox

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage patterns galore...........

Hi Folks!

It's been a while ha!
Well, I have had a very slow week in terms of sewing but I have managed some really lovely and long over due "quality" time with the kids!  I have been feeling rather guilty about ignoring them of late and in usual "Dee" fashion my mind is preoccupied with "to do" lists and other stuff  and I float off in my own self absorbed world.  Luckily, for me anyhow, my kids are rather independent creatures but they do need my full attention and I have been rather short with them lately so we needed to spend time together just being!
So last weekend I made an executive decision not to bother with work (of any kind) and on Saturday we packed a wee bag of snacks, joined our friends down the road and went exploring our local tracks.  (All within 1 km of our front door).  We walked down Solly's Lane, ran around the mountain bike track and over the jumps.  We proceeded to the "Fairy walk" through a shaded area where moss grows on the rocks, over the Ovens river via the swing bridge and sat under a big old Oak tree and had chips, oranges and lollies. 
Then we continued down the track to the rivers edge where the kids skimmed stones across the river.  Up over the big old bridge and down to our local park for a swing, a play and lots of chit chat.
All for FREE, lots of sunshine, hanging with friends, exercise and fresh air!
Can't ask for more aye,
LOVE IT :-) 

Sunday was much the same.....spent time at the "big" park in town hanging with friends again and catching up with lots of local faces.  Good coffee, happy children, sunshine, and ice creams! YUM.  I feel it has been too long since I truly allowed myself to relax like that and enjoy the kids
 (a bit sad really!)

and then.............

I had the nicest surprise when my lovely friend Amanda arrived carrying a very unassuming pile of plastic shopping bags filled to the brims........for me

Her darling mum (and Amanda) had gone through her mums cupboards and very kindly donated not 3 bags full but 4 bags full of the most insanely delicious
 vintage patterns...

Mad your heart out!!!

Check out the Betty, Joanie and Peggy styles!!!
I am in love and I am soooooooooooo unbelievably grateful!

More from the 60's, 70's and 80's!!!

And even more for kids!!!
(and that was only half of them)

I swear I can't sleep at night as I am thinking of all the lovely garments I want/need to make!
Where on earth do I start????????

There are so many here I could open a vintage pattern shop!!!

I was also given some lovely fabrics to add to the stash and here's a sneak peek (below) of fabric I am currently working on...........more to be revealed soon :-)

Anyway lovelies, hope you are having a great week!  Oh, did anyone frock up for Cup Day or Oaks Day?  I have to admit I fell asleep on the couch on cup day and the kids had to yell at me to wake me up!  oops.........

keep smiling ;-0


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