Thursday, November 17, 2011

A week of fabrics...

Hello Petals.........

this week I have been hiding out in my sewing room (oh god it's a mess) concentrating on a master piece for a very special local lady!  It has been a very creative journey but I can only reveal a wee sneak as she is wearing it for a very special occasion this weekend and I don't want to give too much away!

all I can say is, it's GORGEOUS!

you will all have to be patient and wait till after the weekend for photos of the finished product!!!

In the mean time
I seem to have accumulated a LOT of lovely fabrics this week and I have several orders for said lovely local lass...

a cute little 50's blouse in this fun seersucker!

a full gathered skirt in this pretty rayon!

a 50's style dress in this gorgeous cotton!

and wait and see what we have in store for this purple baby.....
this used to be a curtain!!!

and this too.............Oh god, I cant decide which one I like the's too hard to choose

this yummy bark cloth I found at our local op shop.  Several metres for a mere $2.  I have grand plans for this lot, there is enough for a queen size quilt!  And maybe cushions too! YUM.

and these 4 lovelies I will add to the fabric stash for custom orders!

Wow, so all in all things are ticking along nicely here at camp one denim bird :-)

Hope your all having a happy week.

Ciao, Dee xox


  1. Oh sweet I love the green cotton rose fabric, wow it will make the most heavenly 50's dress. Happiness to you V

  2. $2.00 for that amazing barkcloth!!!!! Get out of town. Amazing stash you are accumulating, just gorgeous. I love the fabric in the last pic, far right - can you tell me more about it miss Dee?? Bec x

  3. Oh I'm so hopeless - I forgot to email you this week - so sorry Dee!

    I adore them all and I especially LOOOVE the blue and green psychedelic floral.

    Sarah xxx

  4. That purple baby is deliciously insane. My Dad's bathroom is still wallpapered in a similar pattern. I love it. x


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