Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fa la la la la la la la la

getting ready for Christmas
(op shopped net curtains around our Pergola)

a recent trip to the coast


and more

the inside of my caravan
(did I already show you these???)

inspiration for the great renovation
(to come)

enchanted forests

a new purchase

tea for two

creative moments

my little guy

a tidy happy space

shorts for Grace
(my daughter)

another one on the block

pretty maids all in a row
I am now on Instagram
(find me at onedenimbird)
I love its instant-ness
Merry Christmas to all

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a quilter for a day - DIY





stitch in the ditch

bias for binding
showing off
gluing and pasting


(a handmade present for a due to arrive soon babe)
this was somehow managed in between caring for sick and poorly loved ones
(but I wont bore you with the details)
I'm only showing you the candy coated creative moments of my life.
hugs all round

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Lazy Bloggers guide to lazy blogging ......

Don't mind me, I am up to my usual trickery of rare blog posting!!!

So I am doing a lazy post today ..... linking to fabulous bloggers that I have been hanging with of late who are switched on and consistent!!!

You can get the low down here 

(follow all the links - it was a week of delirious hilarious glorious-ness!)
then check out the new and fabulous owner of this dress
Its a pleasure to sew for such greatness!!!
Also, I am loving my new tooled leather coin purse
from the fabularse
and Sarah
Look at the sunshine beaming down on these two!!!
*  *  *  *
I have big ideas for this latest acquisition ...
But what I've been itching to tell you most is   .....

This unidentified object was spotted near the coast a few weeks back!

a wee bit of sweet talking and hard core negotiations and she came home to mah house!!!

she needs lots of TLC
and I'm gonna give it to her good!
and bring her back to her former glory!
Meet "Maisie" the Globe Trotter 1950s Bondwood caravan!
(sourced this photo from here )
This is what she may have looked like in the 50's - with my added photo shopped logos!
stay tuned oh loved ones - this is going to be a long-haul project :)

 In the mean time I'll get back to what I do best .....
(hide in my sewing room!)
Love ya all xoxox


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Colour my World

Well hey there happy blogger's (long time no see - literally)
Round here things are always happening!
So much so, I don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha!

(did your mum ever use that saying? mine did)
Firstly, the book work is taking up way more time than I had initially hoped and so most of my far more interesting and creative pursuits have taken a back seat of late.
(It is very frustrating for me!)

I have, however, managed the odd spot of op shopping, a garage sale or three and a slow and steady sewing room re-organisation.
I found these nana polyester fabrics in INSANE colours at a deceased
estate sellout garage sale.

Lucky I didnt have the kids with me so I had plenty of time and patience to really go through each and every box!  And there were a LOT!
I came home with one rather large box filled with these crazy prints for a mere $2.
Some are only big enough for a cushion cover but there will be enough for several funky skirts and a frock or two.
The old dear that had collected these had some seriously mean taste. 
It kind of got me thinking (whilst rummaging)
about what my possessions would look like once I'm dead and gone!  Will my children be selling off  hoards and hoards of colourful fabrics from my own collection?  Will some young chicky babe with a flare for crafting and re-fashioning from vintage fabrics come by and feel like she's won the Lottery?  Well I most certainly did.
So much so
I dropped everything and made a dress
out of fabric I was given well over a year ago.
What do you think???
I was also given this baby from my neighbour!
and I found another 2 suitcases for the collection!
Isn't the purple one fab!!! 
It was part of a set of three but I literally don't have the room so chose the middle size one!
I also scored a pile of vintage patterns including these beauties!!
and in amongst all that we have had a 5th birthday party
 I have also re-organised my tragic sewing room
It is now FABULARSE!
I seriously can't function in my sewing room unless it is organised and so I finally got around to installing a couple of cheap IKEA purchases
(L to R)
1. Magazine/sewing machine manual holder.
2. Handy Scissor and Zip hanger
3.  Pattern piece hanger
among other such chores as sorting, folding and colour coding (again)
the "stash"
Oh look, there's ME!  And my tidy, functional happy sewing room!
Happy Easter everyone
I'll be hiding in here all weekend :-)
Ciao x

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've been preparing for a creative fest ................

and deciding on colour

for this ole girl

with beautiful handles

and maybe a mosaic top

of technicolour

and hanging prints from my mum
and kid friendly craft

and storing essentials

and sorting pretties

and loving my new transport
(did I mention we own a bike shop?)
and hanging to use my new (old) machine
to create lots of lovelies!
But in the meantime  .....
I am stuck in the cupboard
(yes literally)
knee-deep in paper work!
This was a walk in wardrobe in a previous life
now its my 1.4m x 2.6m office
(notice anything? there is no window grrhhhh)
I am itching to get out into the sewing room but my current priority is bookwork for my "other" business (the one that puts food on the table!)
After an 18 month break, I am back to my old antics keeping the business end of our bike shop going!  Paying bills, reconciling bank accounts, running errands, paying staff, doing the GST and general organisational shenanigans!
Am I happy about it? - no not really (if the truth be know)
but alas,
I am a Company Director and a Company Director needs to do what needs to be done!
I am hoping with all my heart I can sort it all out, and get into a fabulous routine of 2 days per week at the office (well in the closet) and 3 days of sewing gorgeous frockery.
But my life is NEVER that organised so we will see.
As usual I promised I'd catch up on every ones blogs and in grand "Dee" style my plan flew out the window, so forgive me wont you.
I am hoping like hell my next post will be full of pictures of gorgeous dresses in a fest of floral delights to tantalize your eyes!
(but honeys, dont hold your breath)
Till then,
Dee xox

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