Sunday, December 2, 2012

Going for a ride on a big jet plane - hey hey - hey hey - hey hey

Yes lovelies,
it's that time again for my customary annual/bi-annual pilgrimage across the
(Tasman Sea for those that don't know our slang down under)
The kids and I are gunna take a ride on a big jet plane
and head back to New Zealand in just over a week
to hang out with the maddening crowd!
(that would be the family and all its extensions!!)
Am I excited?  Just a tad.
It's my way of re-connecting, re-charging and relaxing!
I can't wait to see my old stomping ground

(Mount Taranaki)
and hang out with people that I love and adore!
These past few weeks have gone so fast,
I have

been entertained by tigers

sorted, tagged and priced dresses for sale

participated in my first ever "Suitcase Rummage"
in Melbourne.  It was a huge day, up at 5am, drove 4 hours to Melbourne, got there early and thankfully parked the car right outside the front door!  Had time for a coffee break and then the girls and I lugged our suitcases (3) up the stairs and into the Thornbury Theatre to display our wares!
It was a fabulous day with good sales and lots of potential customers including a few orders after the fact!  Got to be happy with that :-)

a quick stop at the "oppie" and I scored a few pretties for more frock making!
Lucky my mum has a good sewing machine and overlocker so I am taking some pattern pieces with me just incase I have withdrawals!  I am secretly looking forward to scouring through a whole heap of NZ op shops!
Today I am packing my bags and tomorrow I head to Melbourne to meet up with a girlfriend
for 3 nights and 4 days of catching up, shopping, exploring and dining!  We haven't seen each other in around 5 years and the two of us back-packed our way around Europe in our hey day so it is sure to be a fun filled week with a dash of reminiscing!
I am going to be in NZ for 5 whole weeks so you may not see me here again until the end of January!
I promise when I get a chance I will be tuning into your blogs and making random comments here and there!  I'm kind of going off the grid for that time with no international roaming as it is so beedin expensive.
I hope you all have a fabulous time over the festive/silly season with lots of thrifty finds in between a wee bit of indulgance!
hugs to you all,
Dee xoxo

Thursday, November 8, 2012

A week of instagram

Whilst I have every intention of sitting at the computer to up date you all on my dandy wee life
the reality is I've been finding it time consuming
and it cuts in to my productive hours!
(please forgive)
I just don't have enough hours in my day to achieve all that I want!
(me thinks I should lower my expectations somewhat!)
Anyway, I have been sewing madly the last few weeks to replenish stock for the market season
and I have been showcasing some of my dresses in a local shop during the
Melbourne Cup weekend and our local Hot Rod weekend.
(it's all rather exciting)
I have many projects on the go at present and I'm feeling a bit scattered!!
But my motivation has been high and I have spent many hours whirring away happily
and these are the results ...

Love this girly dress

this has pockets and groovey print

mustard florals with pockets

thats right - they are all handmade!

Selina Lakes book "Homespun Style"
Have you seen it?  The colours are amazing!

Her first big performance!

a few market treasures

my latest score!
($10 thank you very much)

These next ones are a tad blurry!  (Damn those settings on the camera!)
Just enough fabric for another Smurf dress

sunny yellow

pocket details (well blurry details)
Yikes!  Gotta go  and rescue the washing!  The rains are coming!
mwah x

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A month in the life of "One Denim Bird" ....

It's been a month since my last post and I really don't know where the time has gone!

I have made a commitment to do several local markets over the warmer months and I have a lot of stock to replenish.

but firstly
in more exciting news 
we have had a family holiday up the coast
and in all our usual madness
I managed to meet
in person
the fabulously talented

Sarah Misfit

and what a HOOT it was.
As you can imagine it was a day filled with fun and frocks,
dress ups and laughter,
posing and dancing,
op shopping and tip scrounging,
dress fittings, giggles and some serious vintage swapping!
See more details of our time together

in the meantime here are a couple of fabulous photos our
photographic extraordinaire
took of me and my girl (Grace)
D & M's at the waters edge
mother and daughter - seaside beauties
(photos courtesy of Sarah Misfit)
After a gorgeous week at the coast I came back to the dishevelled sewing room from HELL
see sewing room photos
A sewing room clean out was in order!
Initially I thought I would drive all the way to Melbourne to do an IKEA run,
purchase one of their you beaut shelving units for my sewing room
and drive all the way home
Instead, I bought cheap and cheerful industrial DIY shelving locally
and the results speak for themselves ...
from this crazy cluttered mess
to this super duper anal organisation
WHAT THE  ???? 
insane isn't it!!!
But gee I am loving it.
everything has a proper home.
Yes loves, PROPER!
It took me ALL day to fold these babies.
 And how good is the colour co-ordination?
your welcome!
Now I need to start at the other end *sigh*
Anyway I will leave you with a few happy snaps from the past month.
Enjoy ...
Camp central

Mr Whippy ice creams

a gorgeous gift from a

checking out the wares at the tip

glamour on the beach

Little Miss Nikita

another frock almost ready for market

my latest indulgence
(isn't the cover of frankie magazine adorable)

 market day wares

Caio Bellas! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

oh yeeeaaah

Hi peeps,
the excitement is brewing here at camp
one denim bird
In 3 more sleeps I get to hang out with a
and faff about in her back yard
 and frolick in her wardrobes
and oggle her vintage junk (her words)
and laugh
and giggle
and hang at her beach shack
and maybe even op shop
and garge sale
and drink cider
and laugh some more
and chat to each other in person!!!
YES DARLINGS - chat in person!!!
I know!!
I'm signing off for another week here as we are packed and ready to
 rock and roll
bright and early in the morning. 
See you on the other side!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've been in hiding ....

Well, not intentionally, life just sort of got away on me and I have
neglected my blog and all you fabulous readers out there!!!
I have made several half hearted attempts at blogging these past few weeks but have abandoned them due to a lack of time and an overwhelming feeling of disorganisation!
We are currently in the throngs of renovation!
Our tatty old and disgustingly vile carpet has been ripped up and dumped.

and so we have been living on concrete!
and everything is Echo.i.n.g!
Our dated kitchen tiles have been jack-hammered to smithereens.

Ceilings have been painted.
Walls have been painted.

Windows have been washed.
Cupboards have been emptied.
All but bare minimum has been removed.

We are camping in at present.
My sewing room is over-crowded and I can't breathe in there

it's a no-sew zone!

More shelving is required, and I have stacks more sheets to be washed, folded and stored!

I think I need a Personal Assistant!
:     :     :     :     :
It all got a bit much for me so one afternoon I escaped to a place of peace ....
Mt Buffalo is literally just up the road!
To keep myself sane I followed the golden rule
and the universe provided me with ...
a current favourite : 50c
a washline full of vintage floral sheets : $2 each
100 luggage tags : 50c
(usually 20-30c each)
A roll of retro wallpaper to go with my (tiny) stash : yes darlings : $2
A pretty ballerina print for Little Miss Nikita's bedroom
A stack of old school chairs at a garage sale

A pretty plate for my increasing collection
and many other assortments!
It sure did put me in a better mood :-)
When I do finally get my house back in order I'll be finishing off a couple of current projects:
a little lace top for my newly turned teenage girl Grace
the backing to my king size patchwork vintage floral bedspread in greens ...
among others ................
Oh and did I mention I have finally succumed to
"Fifty Shades of Grey"
and all its
 (you'll know what I'm talking about if youv'e read the books)
So excuse me wont you, I only have a few more chapters to read till I can finally get back into the world of
Laters Baby x
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