Thursday, October 25, 2012

A month in the life of "One Denim Bird" ....

It's been a month since my last post and I really don't know where the time has gone!

I have made a commitment to do several local markets over the warmer months and I have a lot of stock to replenish.

but firstly
in more exciting news 
we have had a family holiday up the coast
and in all our usual madness
I managed to meet
in person
the fabulously talented

Sarah Misfit

and what a HOOT it was.
As you can imagine it was a day filled with fun and frocks,
dress ups and laughter,
posing and dancing,
op shopping and tip scrounging,
dress fittings, giggles and some serious vintage swapping!
See more details of our time together

in the meantime here are a couple of fabulous photos our
photographic extraordinaire
took of me and my girl (Grace)
D & M's at the waters edge
mother and daughter - seaside beauties
(photos courtesy of Sarah Misfit)
After a gorgeous week at the coast I came back to the dishevelled sewing room from HELL
see sewing room photos
A sewing room clean out was in order!
Initially I thought I would drive all the way to Melbourne to do an IKEA run,
purchase one of their you beaut shelving units for my sewing room
and drive all the way home
Instead, I bought cheap and cheerful industrial DIY shelving locally
and the results speak for themselves ...
from this crazy cluttered mess
to this super duper anal organisation
WHAT THE  ???? 
insane isn't it!!!
But gee I am loving it.
everything has a proper home.
Yes loves, PROPER!
It took me ALL day to fold these babies.
 And how good is the colour co-ordination?
your welcome!
Now I need to start at the other end *sigh*
Anyway I will leave you with a few happy snaps from the past month.
Enjoy ...
Camp central

Mr Whippy ice creams

a gorgeous gift from a

checking out the wares at the tip

glamour on the beach

Little Miss Nikita

another frock almost ready for market

my latest indulgence
(isn't the cover of frankie magazine adorable)

 market day wares

Caio Bellas! 


  1. Great to have you back, sounds like you had an amazing time! Love the organised sewing room - wow!!! Denim bibs are gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. LOVING your vintage sheet stash! Lots of folding! What a great idea to use those type of shelves too.

  3. I want to play in your sheets!!! I love how organized and beautiful they look. You have quite a stash! The dresses you have made are so very gorgeous~ little works of art they are! I'd love to have a rummage through all your beautiful creations!

  4. I virtually gasped in wonder at every photo. Your fabric on those shelves look magnifique. I think I need to get me some super duper anal organisation too! Your dresses are beautiful.

  5. OMG I LOVE YOUR BEAUTIFUL FABRIC COLLECTION! So pretty and organized. You are so inspirational.


  6. Sarah's photos of you and your daughter are beautiful. I loved seeing the pics of you two romping about together, it almost got me over my jealousy that I wasn't there!
    OMG, Dee, what an amazing collection of fabrics, and so neatly organised! All your wares look wonderful, you are such a talented seamstress. xxx

  7. Sarah's pictures of you & your gal are beautiful, but she had a pair of fine subjects to start off with! Let's have more of YOU on your blog!
    What an amazing clear-up job. I love your work! x

  8. Wow, love the industrial shelves Dee and those folded sheets, makes me want to go and tidy up my linen cupboard.
    Worried I have a bit of OCD side to me!! Better get into my sewing room too, it's like a tip at the moment.....
    Beautiful photos of all you gals. Wouldn't mind a couple of days at Camp Central looks nice and relaxing........
    I bought the latest Frankie mag on the cover alone isn't it wonderful and the inside is the underside of the embroidery, it's brilliant........
    Nice market was a great morning I didn't want to pack up and go home!
    Hope you are getting lots of sewing done for up coming markets.....

    CLaire x

  9. Crikey!!! It's all GO!
    I am rather besotted with your uber tidy and organised work i long for some semblance of sanity in mine!
    LOVED reading and hearing about your visit with Sarah, you gorgeosu beastess! I so want to be a part of the next visit!!!
    You,my darling,are so bloody clever,your wares make me wanna WEEP!So,SO good,and beautifully made!
    I missed the last frankie,dammit,so I better damn well be able to find a copy of the current issue tomorrow!!! Pretty hard to get over here!
    Rock the HELL on!

  10. Your fabric looks perfect all neatly stacked on the shelves and i do like your tags on the baskets. Beautiful photos taken by our lovely Sarah of you and your daughter.


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