Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finally.... some photos

1. West coast black sand beaches = HOME
(you can just see snow capped Mount Taranaki in the background)

2. Black Angus with Pohutukawa in flower in the background!
(using some instagram filter)

3. Pohutukawa in flower
(afternoon sunlight)

4. Fitzroy beach fun with kids and cousins!
(my childhood beach)

5. Christmas dinner - NZ style
(all the kids together)

6. Daily Tip Top ice creams

7. Little Miss Nikita and my gorgeous niece, Caitlin
(Pukekura Park, New Plymouth)


9. Nikita posing on the perspex bench seat - Pukekura Park

10. Hanging lights over Poets Bridge - Pukekura Park

11. The Big Dig - Ngamotu Beach

12. My all time favourite view
(I never tire of this)

Finally I seem to be able to upload photos onto my blog!  As usual, most are scenes or the kids as I am the one manning the camera.  All are taken in my home town of New Plymouth.  I miss this place dearly and never realised just how much I'd like to live there again, and after spending 5 whole weeks in New Zealand the desire is stronger than ever.  I miss this gorgeous view (above), there is something very special about it that gives me a sense of belonging.   I miss the beaches, the fine black sand, the rugged coastline, the surf waves, the native trees, the beautiful people!
All in all, I am homesick!
I have been back in Australia for just under a week, as usual life picks up where you left it and I am back running around like the headless chook that I am taking kids to swimming lessons, organising school uniforms and stationary bla bla bla.
 I did, however, received a gorgeous parcel of joy from our 
As always, all gifts are spectacular!
You know I'm gunna be making you another dress now!
Mine and Nikita's new Christmas presents!

and lastly, a photo taken on Tuesday evening from Mount Porepunkah looking towards our closest bush fire which is currently burning behind Harrietville.  Our friend in need, Elvis (the water bombing helicopter) has been flying overhead continuously over the past 48 hours.  Lets hope this is contained asap.
Anyway, it's time to supervise the kids in the pool.
Chat again real soon.
Dee xox

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello, Hello, I'm back again (I'm back, I'm back as a matter of fact)

How are you all and a BIG whopping
The kids and I landed safely back on the dry continent yesterday morning and are glad to be home
in our OWN beds!!
As usual the heat is sinful but our air-con is working wonders so I have been unpacking, washing, drying, catching up on all the mail and of course local news!
We had a sensational time in New Zealand but more of that to come .....
for some god-for-saken reason I can't upload
photos onto my blog. 
so when I figure it all out I will be back with some colourful happy snaps!
In the meantime I will be reading through your blogs and catching up on the gossip.
I have a lot planned for 2013
so bring it on I say!
Chat real soon
Dee xoxox

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