Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend happenings ...

eggs for breakfast

macarons for smoko

4.5m of the prettiest barkcloth ever
(op shopped for a mere $2)
Perfect for curtains in the vintage caravan I'm searching for!

retro flannel sheets

pretty vintage sheets

plenty to wash on my return
(thats all the op shop pricing)

a pretty scarf for chilly necks

and a parcel of LOVE from India!

Toe-Jandals for summer

you might also call them ...

toe thongs
jesus boots
brothel creepers

(I dunno but in my home they are toe jandals)
They will be perfect with the summer dress I plan to make using the above fabric too.

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Hope the week is kicking off to a good start in your neck of the woods

Dee x

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Today ...

1.  close up of the pretty op shopped fabric of last week
2.  more vintage floral finds
3. creating the prettiest dress ever
4. parcels of joy from India

more to be revealed soon x0x

Monday, May 21, 2012

Live music ...

Last thursday we went to see this fab duo LIVE!

Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson

if you like a bit of blues with a dash of irish jig thrown in you will love this very talented and VERY funny couple.

they have been touring Australia and are heading to Europe real soon.  My guess is they may be at one of those festivals our lovely Vix  goes too.

Have a happy week peoples x

Friday, May 18, 2012

this week ...

1. reading looking at beautiful Paumes books - Ateliers de Filles 2
optimum eye-candy

2. creating pretty frocks

3. DIY - op shopped english plate and birdie sticker

4. more sewing

5. op shop finds

6. pretty 70's fabric find, perfect for making a dress to go with my groovey baby tooled leather bag.

Instagram - it's fun and convenient but the quality is CRAP!
(in my opinion)

Tasmanian salmon steaks and colourful salad for tea tonight

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

old tin love and a birdie brooch ...

I was being overly ambitious whilst in Tasmania thinking I'd be able to "op-shop" my way around the countryside.  In reality we were so busy getting from A to B and checking out the sights I didn't even get a chance until about day 5 - three quarters of our way into our journey. 
I even took over the driving at one stage as hubby and the kids weren't having a bar of my "op shopping needs" and I knew if I didn't take over the driving there would be Buckley's chance of me having the opportunity for a wee scrummage if I spied one!
When we finally drove into a small town on a "weekday" and I saw Vinnie's on the right hand side I wrenched the steering wheel to the left sending bags and any unattached paraphernalia in the  motor home flying.
A sigh of groans and moans came from all 4 members of my family.
My heart skipped a beat, I barked a "get the kids a snack and us coffees" order to hubby, hoping this task would allow me 10 minutes of scrounging pleasure at the very least and bolted for the Vinnie's door.
Inside was thee MOST tidy, clean, organised and well laid out op shop I had ever seen in my entire life! In fact, it didn't even look like an op shop.
It was screaming high street fashion franchise with prices to match and  even the dear old volunteers looked like old age Malibu Barbie on the Pension dolls.  It wasn't quite what I was expecting and so I wandered back to the motor home feeling cheated.
Luckily though, on our last day in Tasmania we spent the day in a little coastal town called Penguin.  We drove there especially as I had read there was a market that could be worth checking out and we weren't disappointed!

I bought these three colourful tins for a fiver

and a cute ceramic birdie love brooch handmade by
I found this brooch in the cutest wittle shop in Penguin CBD. 
You may have seen/heard of it if you read FRANKIE.
The shop is filled with gorgeous handmade goodies, crafty books, bags, brooches, and lots of other delightfuls.

In other news,
I have up-graded my $70 smart phone to a $140 smart phone.
(I know, I know - I just went all out didn't I)
anyways, my new fan-dango-phone allows me to do
(username: onedenimbird)
so I have now joined the masses and have taken 4 (yes you read that right - 4)
photos to share with you
but Houston we have a problemo!
I dunno how the fcuk to upload them to my blog!
So hang around a while if you please and you may just get to peek at them in this millennium!

What do ya know ...

I pushed the right buttons!

so here are the tins I bought in Tassie
(the instagram version - they look more antique in this shot don't ya think)

and part of my book collection
(I have a weakness for crafty lovely books)

and I guess by now most of you know this weakness of mine,
a stack of vintage floral love of the flannel kind
(great for winter patchwork quilts)

and some easy escape-artists reading
(although I can't read a word of Japanese but I CAN ogle the pictures and craftiness and I can read  sewing diagrams!
So there you have it - my first ever instagram photos and I managed to figure out how to put them
on my blog all by myself!
(I'm such a big girl)
I'm not sure about the quality but - well - whatever!
Hope you are all having a fab week.
Hugs from me,
Dee x

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm getting my MOJO back...

Today was the perfect day at home to get back into the swing of things
kids were at school and childcare
weather was cold out
heater was cranking in my studio
and I was a workin that sewing machine!
But firstly a few photos of my beloved Tassie ...

the scenery is to die for

the beer was mighty good too

even the kids had fun

the views were incredible

the serenity

the seafood

the seaside

and can you spot the little critters in the bush?

I have discovered a big hairy critter in my sewing room!
A huntsman the size of a saucer!
I'm ok with that as long as he keeps his beady eyes and hairy legs to himself. 
When I can't see him I get the heeby jeebies.
This cool change is perfect for bunking down and sewing.
Hope you are all planning a fab weekend
Dee xox

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Look out!

There is a Tassie Tiger on the prowl!

A very unique kinda one!
Miss Madam had her face painted on our last day in the cute little town of Penguin

We are back happy people from the most gorgeous, most beautiful, most friendly, most splendiferous, tantalising and tasty Tasmania!
Words cannot describe the warm and fuzzy feeling I got from exploring yet another beautiful part of this vast land
(and bugger it - I only got to scratch the surface)

Today I have been unpacking, washing, restocking the pantry and chilling with my very own Tasmanian Tiger (aka Nikita).  We were rather exhausted after an over night ferry crossing  and a 4 hour drive back home, arriving after dark last night.
Honestly today I was pooped!
Tomorrow is a new day though, back into the usual routine and I will be making a start on a fabulous dress for an even fab-u-low-sa-rer lovely lady!
more photos to come
night x

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