Monday, May 28, 2012

Weekend happenings ...

eggs for breakfast

macarons for smoko

4.5m of the prettiest barkcloth ever
(op shopped for a mere $2)
Perfect for curtains in the vintage caravan I'm searching for!

retro flannel sheets

pretty vintage sheets

plenty to wash on my return
(thats all the op shop pricing)

a pretty scarf for chilly necks

and a parcel of LOVE from India!

Toe-Jandals for summer

you might also call them ...

toe thongs
jesus boots
brothel creepers

(I dunno but in my home they are toe jandals)
They will be perfect with the summer dress I plan to make using the above fabric too.

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Hope the week is kicking off to a good start in your neck of the woods

Dee x


  1. Oh the barkcloth is so pretty!!!! What are you going to make???
    I love the floral scarf too.
    Love v

  2. Love it all - I WANT A FROCK IN THAT BARKCLOTH!!!!!! Poached eggs on toast are just about my favourite thing in the world... why haven't I had them forEVER? Sarah xxx

  3. Oh the barkcloth is just divine. Lucky you.

  4. Chappals! That's what I call those beauties!
    I love poached eggs on toast and I'm very lucky to live with a man whose a master at making them. x

  5. Love all the fabrics! Great photos too! Visiting from Her Library Adventures, and now following you. Cheers! Joann

  6. Mmmm...poached eggs on toast, when I was growing up my mum always called them soft boiled eggs and I was at a cafe the other week and the guy asked how I wanted my eggs and I slipped and said soft boiled and got the weirdest look!! I love all the vintage fabrics (sheets and what not) you have picked up - how inspirational!

    Also, I'd call them toe jandals too - must be a Kiwi thing;)

  7. Brothel creepers?! Hilarious (although I must admit to not really getting it?). Kellie xx

    1. Years ago I had a very "casual" waitressing job! Meaning it was a very relaxed establishment! I wore my toe jandals to work most nights and one of the chef's called them Brothel Creepers! I guess he thought they were the type of shoes one would wear whilst creeping around a brothel?????
      I'm sure Work Safe wouldn't allow open sandals these days!!

  8. Mmm...macs. I thought brothel creepers were those platform crepe sole lace ups that punks used to wear. What lovely fabrics! That pretty barkcloth looks really familiar. I'm sure my mum has a tablecloth made of that fabric that she got from the op shop.

  9. Fab haul from the oppy that bark cloth.
    Mmm, poached eggs on toast, the only way to go, except for Eggs Benedict of course.

    Afraid you're going to have to wait a while until the weather's warm enough to wear those toe jandals........'spose if you were keen you could put a pair of socks on with them, hehe....

    Claire :}

  10. LOVE that green sheet. And would you please send one of those macarons my way, pretty please?

  11. What super fabrics you have found. i wish i could find fabrics like that. I'm also on the hunt for a vintage caravan after my night away - thanks for stopping by.

  12. You always find the most gorgeous fabrics, love the photo of the maccaroons, and poached eggs are always a winner. Yummy things all round! xxx


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