Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fun and festivities galore .....

Well Christmas has been and gone for another year and I am rather relieved.  We had a funtastic day with a crowd of "orphans" who gathered at the fabulous
in Bright and did  a "pot luck" lunch!
Easy for everyone and lots of helping hands to clean up afterwards!
We came home after a great afternoon and
 chilled with the kids watching our current favourite movie


I was very spoilt for Christmas and received some gorgeous pre-loved gifts!

These fabulous kitchen canisters! Perfect for a girl born in the year of the rooster!


These lovely jubbly old rose tins in a deep apricoty sort of orangey colour!

and this yummo scrumptious 1970's hand-tooled leather bag!
Oh my God, I am in lurve!

Another favourite pressie is this spectacular book from my sister

"Famous Frocks" complete with traceable pattern pieces instructions and style variations!
It couldn't be a more perfect present for this give-it-a-go-sewing-kinda-chick!
Lots of delightful photos and sketches with patterns for frocks inspired by
Jackie O, Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis,
 Diana Ross, Stevie Nicks and Madonna!
I feel like I have died and gone to heaven!!!

To top off a fabulous week with the family, catching up with friends, movies, sleep-ins, drinky poos, BBQ's and not a sewing machine in sight ......  well, actually
(more on that in a minute)

I  also managed to snaffle a few bargains at the local oppie
(but I had to fight my way through the tourists)

a la vintage sheet o mondo's
genuine black leather pants
(but fart ...... I wish I could fit them!)

They are a bit eighties but hell - they are leather!

Granny cardigans for re-vamping

old tins

and the piste de resistance
 (said with my fabulous french accent)

in return for giving away

this funky smurf dress to my gorgeous friend Trina
she secretly sourced this BRASH pedal sewing machine and 
dropped it at my doorstep two days later!
How freakin awesome is it!

My oh my ............. I have been a rather spoilt bratt this xmas!

But now petals it's time to rattle me dags and head off to another wee BBQ for more wee drinky poos to celebrate the New Year in!
(I wonder if I'll still be awake at midnight????)

Happy Freakin New Year everybody!
I hope you have a great night and all the very best for
x Dee x

Saturday, December 24, 2011

For all you Glamour puss's!

and seen as I haven't quite mastered it (yet) I thought I'd consult some experts!

so i turned to

Glamour Daze

for some Stylish beautifying tips!

Now darlings, once you have caked your face on the next step is to prepare oneself for
 summer fun!   Brushing up on your poolside etiquette is a must!

(and did anyone guess who the "Amazonian manly-man" was???)
here are some of my essential

must haves:

1. Bathing suit

(is that Tarzan dragging her off to the jungle?)

2. Parasol
(to keep those ugly UV rays at bay!)

3. Bathing cap

(now we don't want to mess up the "Do" do we!)

4. Beach ball
(The perfect poolside accessory!)

Actually, I think
the most important poolside accessory is

a thirst quenching G & T or three
(the more the merrier)

and possibly the most important ...

5.  A HOT summer romance

Ahh yes
(but don't tell the hubby!!!)
(and excuse the cropping - I'm a beginner
and I could have spent hours trying to perfect this but alas I have housework to do -
*ahem* *cough* *splutter*)
 Don't ya just LOVE the way that Don Draper is ogling me!  I just know he wants me :-)

Well anyway loveys
enjoy your last day of Christmas preparations
and I hope these hot tips help!

Ciao,  Dee x

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This little piggy went to market ...

To market, to market - a seamstress must go!! 
And go she did ...
 After sewing like a maniac for the past two weeks
I finally made it to the Make it Bake it Grow it Market held in Bright, Victoria
every 3rd Saturday of the month!

The weather was perfect in the Alps today and lots of locals were out in abundance
shopping for their Christmas presents!

plenty of stocking fillers at the "one denim bird" stall!

and I shared with the incredibly talented Sandy who makes these gorgeous
rainbow beanies, rainbow necklaces and rainbow tea cosies!
(can you feel that rainbow love?)

with lots of fabric in bright colours for custom orders!

and skirts a plenty made from recycled tablecloths!  Perfect for dinner dates!

Pretty little shirring elastic dresses for tiny tots!

Lots of recycled denim .... cushions, baby bibs and baby blankets!

A few frocks for a frolic or two!

And I couldn't have done it without the help from my gorgeous assistant/daughter Grace - thats her and I in our pinnies!

(Luckily I got my brother-in-law to take a happy snap of us in the back yard when we got home - this photographer never seems to get photos of herself! *sigh*)

Anyway petals, it was a very successful day all in all with plenty of sales and few custom orders! 
 I had great feedback and handed out my cards to many potential customers!
I have committed to a January stall so I better get cracking on that machine again!

Now it's time to put my weary feet up and then tomorrow get into Christmas mode!

Hope your feeling the festive love!

Dee x

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do drop into The Blue Duck Inn ....

Hi Peeps ..........a couple of photos of our journey to the Blue Duck Inn ...

be back soon - gotta get organised for this saturday's Make it Bake it Grow it Market!!!

(That's me kids squinting into the sun!!!)

Oh, and some fun fabrics arrived in the post from the gorgeous misfit

Thanks sweet pea!
Chat soon, Dee x

Thursday, December 8, 2011

We have a WINNER!

Well done to Miss Nelly over at
The mystery musician is
Max Merritt from Max Merritt and the Meteors!
Max is probably most well known for this gorgeous song ...
Slipping Away

Have a listen!

History Lesson:  So my best drinking buddy Donna and I were having a welcome rest from picking tomatoes in Bowen, QLD in the mid nineties (sorry details are blurred) and we drove down to Airlie Beach and stayed in a cheap and cheerful hotel and went whale watching and ended up staying an extra night at the hotel when we found out Max Merritt and the Meteors were playing - I mean why wouldn't you stay - the man's a legend!

What I do remember vividly is everyone was standing around the outside of the venue (like wallflowers) for the first few songs and we decided to make an executive decision and move a whole bunch of cabaret style tables out of the way so we could get up and boogie!  Everyone finally followed suit and moved onto the dance floor and grooved all night long!

After the show Max Merritt came over to us (ringleaders) and personally thanked us for taking the initiative and said it had been one of the best concerts he had performed so far during that particular tour because everyone was on the dance floor!  And that made the man happy!

He rocked and we rocked and we ended up at some crazy bar in Airlie Beach flirting with the roadies and hanging with the band!  Oh what fun!
So Congratulations to you Nelly for guessing the muso! 

I'll be whipping up a twirly skirt for you darlin!

Ciao bella's - I better get back to the sewing machine!

Dee xox

Clue #2

As promised clue # 2 is:

This singer/songwriter and guitarist was born in 1941 and moved to Australia in December 1964!

Here is another photo of this mystery musician from his hey day (he's the fella in the middle) ...

(check out the drummer - he's got mad hair!)

Anyway luv's please DONT pop any veins straining the brain!!

I will post more clues for you tomorrow !
I may have to drag this game out over the weekend as I am off to

on Saturday morning with the hubby and kids and everyone else from the bike club!  It's the annual Le Grand Boucle (a ride around the Victorian Alps) you can find the Blue Duck Inn HERE

And in other news here is my week so far in photos -

fabric scraps everywhere ...

Another skirt in the making ....

and others ...

and making little "pillowslip shirring elatsicated frocks with shoulder ties" for wee tots!
I've got a bit of a production line happening!

All good Peeps!

Love n hugs, Dee x

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First to GUESS is a WINNER!

Hi everyone ...

I found this old photo in my archives the other day and I thought it would be FUN to play a guessing game!

PS: that's me on the left in my "half cut/50% bogan/50% gypsy/fruit picking/lack of responsibility" era many moons ago. On the right is one of my all time favourite extra special drinking buddies, Donna!

If you are the FIRST (yes that's right poppets) FIRST to guess who this dapper gentleman in the middle is, you will WIN a handmade vintage inspired full gathered skirt made by "moi".

It could look a bit like this-

You can select a fabric of your choice from my "FABRIC STASH" here on my blog or nip across to my Facebook page and LIKE me and search the "fabric stash album" there too!

Conditions of entry:

1.  You need to be actively "Following" my blog and "Liking" my FB page!

2.  The first person to leave the correct answer in the comments section below is the winner!!!

3.  To make it interesting I will leave one hint every day until you guess who it is!!!

4.  Some of you may need to ask your mothers, or dare I say it ... Grandmothers for some help!

5.  You must have fun!


Hint # 1:  He is a musician!

Good Luck!

Dee xox

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thrifty week ...........


I was meant to add photos of some yummy fabric finds this week .....

Here goes:


Other treasures I found ...

1. Romance English Ironstone Tableware
2. Queen Ann Bone China tea cups and saucers

Funky Spunky colourful tablecloth

And in breaking news ..............I have almost finished the Vintage Sheet FQ quilt cover!!!
Just gotta find something for the backing!!!!

Now off to Georgia's 4th Birthday Party!!!  (Nikita's wee friend)

Ciao Bella's

Dee x

Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank god it's Friday ...........

Friday nights used to be filled with glasses of wine, dressing up, hanging with friends, wandering down to what ever local pub I was living near at the time, more drinkie poos and then after happy hour, several games of pool and a win on the raffles we would head onto the dance floor for some serious hours of grooving!!!

Remember those days?????

This was one of my fave's ............... ciggie in one hand, drink in the other!

Rain by Dragon

Now days its more like fish n chips on the lounge room floor with the kids and then some serious blobbing on the couch in front of telly!!

oh how times have changed, today I have a serious case of pub dance floor withdrawals *sigh*

but I'm good at improvising these days - there is a bottle of wine in the fridge and I can get my old music out and still go to town ...........

So what was your favourite pub-dancing song???
Hope your all enjoying your friday evening!!!

Dee xox

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