Thursday, December 8, 2011

We have a WINNER!

Well done to Miss Nelly over at
The mystery musician is
Max Merritt from Max Merritt and the Meteors!
Max is probably most well known for this gorgeous song ...
Slipping Away

Have a listen!

History Lesson:  So my best drinking buddy Donna and I were having a welcome rest from picking tomatoes in Bowen, QLD in the mid nineties (sorry details are blurred) and we drove down to Airlie Beach and stayed in a cheap and cheerful hotel and went whale watching and ended up staying an extra night at the hotel when we found out Max Merritt and the Meteors were playing - I mean why wouldn't you stay - the man's a legend!

What I do remember vividly is everyone was standing around the outside of the venue (like wallflowers) for the first few songs and we decided to make an executive decision and move a whole bunch of cabaret style tables out of the way so we could get up and boogie!  Everyone finally followed suit and moved onto the dance floor and grooved all night long!

After the show Max Merritt came over to us (ringleaders) and personally thanked us for taking the initiative and said it had been one of the best concerts he had performed so far during that particular tour because everyone was on the dance floor!  And that made the man happy!

He rocked and we rocked and we ended up at some crazy bar in Airlie Beach flirting with the roadies and hanging with the band!  Oh what fun!
So Congratulations to you Nelly for guessing the muso! 

I'll be whipping up a twirly skirt for you darlin!

Ciao bella's - I better get back to the sewing machine!

Dee xox


  1. Yay me better go choose some fabric now.I still think he looks like Buzz Aldren tho lol.

  2. Yay to Nelly winning! What a fab prize, I was too busy gallivanting and boozing to take part, maybe next


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