Friday, June 29, 2012

I see trees of green, red roses too ......

Remember I mentioned a gorgeous vintage outfit I found earlier???

Well here she is
(drum roll)

Sorry honeys - this ones for keeps!

Whenever I have to go the the "big" towns for supplies I always drop into their local op shops for a spy.  Last week did not dissapoint!

I found this gorgeous wiggle dress and matching bolero in one of my favourite Wangaratta op shops.  I didn't see it at first as I usually make a bee line to the linen section in search of vintage floral but on this day as I was about to pay for a pile of sheets I heard (ever so quietly) the op shop vintage frock fairies whisper "Dee - look up"
and so I did as I was told and
here was the most stunning fabric I had ever laid my eyes on!
I lunged at the dress rack before anyone could claim it as theirs and swooned.
When I realised it was not only a dress but also a matching bolero as well my heart skipped a beat!
Handmade with metal teeth zipper on the side - I'm guessing 1950's era???
(opinions welcome)
It is a size 2-4 which means I will NEVER fit it in a gazillion years even if I eat lettuce and exercise like a demon but hey
who gives a rats - right?
I HAD to have her.
And she really is tiny, my 12 year old fits it apart from filling out the bust area
and I can't even get her over my smallest of dress mannequins!
BUT, she is pinned to the said mannequin and has pride of place in my living area at present.
She has most certainly been a great source of inspiration this week!
(more of that later)
I have christened her
in honour of my Nana who always looked sensational and was a very stylish lady with Champagne tastes and a weakness for shopping. 
My mum said she can remember Nan wearing dresses similar to this as a young woman.

Thank you op shop vintage frock fairies
thank you Nana Maisie
for passing on some (not many - but some) of your genes!

Maisie in the paisley (that kind of rhymes)
2nd from right
with all her sisters circa 1970s
(there were 4 brothers too)
I'd have loved to have seen a colour version of this photo.  Bet those prints were gorgeous!
Hope you have fab weekend plans
Dee xox

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jubilee Swap ...

Hi Peeps!

I too was a part of the majestic "Faith Hope and Charity"

and today I received the most divine parcel from the lovely


I am always blown away by the generosity of bloggers
and Carole if you are reading this blog post
This parcel of joy was brimming with love ...
here is a peek

overflowing with goodness

vintage fabric samples
(these stole my heart)

and then ............. the "Jubilee Special"

You have no idea how grateful I am that little old ladies who store all their lace and trims in
Jubilee vintage tins for years and years and then take them to the op shop so darlings like
our Carole
find them and include them in her Jubilee Swap
and consequently send it to me - her Jubilee swap partner! 

(Yes, little ole me who will drool over them and pick and sort through and admire them and
then eventually make something out of these pieces of history!!!)

I know you can't see me but I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

How spoilt am I???
Gorgeous vintage fabric samples,
handstiched tea towels and hand towels,
latte mug and napkins
thimbles and drawstring bags,
jubilee tins of vintage lace
and this absolute beauty to keep my dream alive

My guess is this is of Caroles' own hand!
A gorgeous handstitched vintage caravan with matching bunting!

(this is going straight to the pool room!)

I'm also sending out a BIG thank you to
for organising such a fun swap
and I've also linked up

Dee x

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weekend happenings ...

So it seems I turned another year older last Friday.

This was the only and unexpected photo taken of me on my
Little Nikita was sure it was her birthday all over again
(it's only been 3 months)
We spent the weekend in Melbourne with family.
Ate paella for dinner and then a surprise black forest cake!
We strolled along the Esplanade in St Kilda on Saturday morning
roller skated Saturday arvo.
My jaw was sore from smiling and laughing.
I had forgotten how much fun roller skating is
despite the fact I haven't for approx 30 years
We hung with the uber cool on Brunswick St on Sunday indulging in coffee, lunch
and a spot of shopping
 and then drove home late sunday night.
It was perfect.

I have a stack of hemming to finish, dresses hanging strategically around my living area that need tweaking, a pile of newly acquired vintage sheets to wash and the most incredible genuine 50's outfit to photograph and share with you.
another of my op shop finds

I hope you all had a fab weekend too
Dee x

Sunday, June 10, 2012

End of the week wrap up ...

I had a terrible sleep last night .....
I don't usually suffer from amnesia insomnia but my mind just would not shut down.
As a consequence I feel worn out today and have achieved nothing at all.
But I did manage a wee bit of blog housekeeping and I accidentally worked out how to add
"Link Within" at the bottom of my posts! 
(You have no idea how long I've been trying to figure that one out - next time I'll just ask all you savvy bloggers!)

Anyway here is a collage of home sweet home ...

(the colourful version - not the usual messy, unorganised, hectic, mad version!)

Happy Sunday Lovelies - hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Dee x

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today's efforts ...

Hold yourselves back ....

this freakin awesome fabric has caught your eye hasn't it?
It did me too, whilst rummaging through our local op shop a couple of weeks back.

and I almost passed it up (heaven forbid)
And then, I remembered I had a 1970's shirt dress pattern waiting patiently for me at home.
I have been imagining myself wearing this dress whilst sipping G & T's in the summer sun! 

So, I bit the bullet today and cut her out

in anticipation of warm breezy evenings ....

 I draped her over my handy Miss Manny (the mannequiness)

so I can visualise that summery picture more clearly!

I think she'll be quite the head-turner!
(and between you and me and the lamp post, It'll probably take me the 6 months till summer to finish her any hoo!)
And she's for keeps!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thrifty finds, sewing and crafting

Absolutely delighted with my op shopped red vinyl suitcase...

I have been on the lookout for a RED storage vessel for a while
and this did not disappoint,
it's very large, is lined in satin and will house a LOT of vintage sheets,
it will also come in handy for holidays overseas!
(there is always one on the horizon)

two little blue wrens

and finally a clean folded pile of vintage sheets ..

(last weeks haul to add to the ever growing collection)

Also, weekend baking by my 8 year old son Teo
(he has a VERY sweet tooth)
I very rarely buy sweet biscuits in our house so if you want a sweet hit you have to bake it!

He's pretty damn good in the kitchen, and as you can see they don't last long in our house!
(note: All I did to help was beat and pour into the tin)
Not bad eh!
I managed a spot of sewing too,

a pretty twirly swirly dress for an equally pretty girl.
(a parcel of joy is heading her way as we speak)

Linking up with:


All in all it's been very relaxing and I am ready to conquer this week with renewed enthusiasm.

Hope you all had a fab one too,
Dee x

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