Friday, June 29, 2012

I see trees of green, red roses too ......

Remember I mentioned a gorgeous vintage outfit I found earlier???

Well here she is
(drum roll)

Sorry honeys - this ones for keeps!

Whenever I have to go the the "big" towns for supplies I always drop into their local op shops for a spy.  Last week did not dissapoint!

I found this gorgeous wiggle dress and matching bolero in one of my favourite Wangaratta op shops.  I didn't see it at first as I usually make a bee line to the linen section in search of vintage floral but on this day as I was about to pay for a pile of sheets I heard (ever so quietly) the op shop vintage frock fairies whisper "Dee - look up"
and so I did as I was told and
here was the most stunning fabric I had ever laid my eyes on!
I lunged at the dress rack before anyone could claim it as theirs and swooned.
When I realised it was not only a dress but also a matching bolero as well my heart skipped a beat!
Handmade with metal teeth zipper on the side - I'm guessing 1950's era???
(opinions welcome)
It is a size 2-4 which means I will NEVER fit it in a gazillion years even if I eat lettuce and exercise like a demon but hey
who gives a rats - right?
I HAD to have her.
And she really is tiny, my 12 year old fits it apart from filling out the bust area
and I can't even get her over my smallest of dress mannequins!
BUT, she is pinned to the said mannequin and has pride of place in my living area at present.
She has most certainly been a great source of inspiration this week!
(more of that later)
I have christened her
in honour of my Nana who always looked sensational and was a very stylish lady with Champagne tastes and a weakness for shopping. 
My mum said she can remember Nan wearing dresses similar to this as a young woman.

Thank you op shop vintage frock fairies
thank you Nana Maisie
for passing on some (not many - but some) of your genes!

Maisie in the paisley (that kind of rhymes)
2nd from right
with all her sisters circa 1970s
(there were 4 brothers too)
I'd have loved to have seen a colour version of this photo.  Bet those prints were gorgeous!
Hope you have fab weekend plans
Dee xox


  1. Wow that fabric is stunning. What a find. I bet a colour version of that photo would be eye poppingly fab. Definitely frameworthy. Maisie and her sisters look like a demure and stylish troupe xx

  2. What pretty fabric. I'd wear the bolero like a shot, that's if I could get into it! x

  3. Oh Maisie (the frock) is a beauty, what a fabulous print. I would say she looks 1950s, maybe early 60s, but the fabric seems more 50s (hark at me, you'd think I was an expert or something!)
    Nana Maisie and her sisters make a great line-up, don't they? Paisley and tartan and fur, oh my! xxx

  4. Oh can you hear the squeals of utter excitement!!!!!
    Look at that beautiful dress and jacket, the fabric is amazing.
    I am with Curtise, I would say early 60's.
    Happiness to you. Love v

  5. Oh yes Maisie is utter perfection isn't she??? Love the bolero & the beautiful print. Definitely worth hanging up on display. Xx

  6. Such a beautiful dress and bolero - totally worthy of being on display.

  7. Wow, she sure is a beauty. The fabric is gorgeous. It must have belonged to one tiny lady if your 12 year old fits it.

  8. OH my word you really hit the jackpot with this one! Bummer about the teeny tiny size! Maisie is a beauty to be admired. I have a similar pic of my Nan and her sisters all decked out like this. I treasure it. xx

  9. It's G O R G E O U S Dee......... how lucky are you?
    The fabric is stunning and anyone who wore it would certainly draw admiring looks.

    Fab find........well done. You win!!

    Claire :}

  10. Hi, I found you on another blog list, I cannot believe how gorgeous that outfit is, so damn gorgeous, so classy. please leave your comments on my blog and would mean alot if you could follow it so I am remember to visit your blog too.

  11. Hey Sweets thanks for the lovely comments today. I see why you had to have this floral dream oh my it's just breath taking! The photo at the end, these ladies look luxurious in all of these beautiful dresses!
    Nice to meet ya!

  12. What a gorgeously stylish bunch of ladies, great photo. And the fabric on Maisie is incredible, glad you have it as art even if you won't be able to wear it.

  13. Oh *wow* that is gorgeous and a keeper....for sure.

    Nina x

  14. Oh HOLY GUAC-FRICKIN-MOLE!!! It's amazing! The fabric is spectacular. Just pin it to YOURSELF and wear it!

    That pic is FABULOUS - is that the queen third from the left??

    LOVE! Sarah xxx


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