Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I've been preparing for a creative fest ................

and deciding on colour

for this ole girl

with beautiful handles

and maybe a mosaic top

of technicolour

and hanging prints from my mum
and kid friendly craft

and storing essentials

and sorting pretties

and loving my new transport
(did I mention we own a bike shop?)
and hanging to use my new (old) machine
to create lots of lovelies!
But in the meantime  .....
I am stuck in the cupboard
(yes literally)
knee-deep in paper work!
This was a walk in wardrobe in a previous life
now its my 1.4m x 2.6m office
(notice anything? there is no window grrhhhh)
I am itching to get out into the sewing room but my current priority is bookwork for my "other" business (the one that puts food on the table!)
After an 18 month break, I am back to my old antics keeping the business end of our bike shop going!  Paying bills, reconciling bank accounts, running errands, paying staff, doing the GST and general organisational shenanigans!
Am I happy about it? - no not really (if the truth be know)
but alas,
I am a Company Director and a Company Director needs to do what needs to be done!
I am hoping with all my heart I can sort it all out, and get into a fabulous routine of 2 days per week at the office (well in the closet) and 3 days of sewing gorgeous frockery.
But my life is NEVER that organised so we will see.
As usual I promised I'd catch up on every ones blogs and in grand "Dee" style my plan flew out the window, so forgive me wont you.
I am hoping like hell my next post will be full of pictures of gorgeous dresses in a fest of floral delights to tantalize your eyes!
(but honeys, dont hold your breath)
Till then,
Dee xox

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