Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A week away from the machine .....

This week I have barely touched my sewing machine as I
currently have the family over from the "Shakey Isles" (NZ)

I have been playing "Tourist guide" instead ....

and seen as I am so slow at getting things up and posted on my poor neglected blog
I am posting the previous weeks projects

so sit back and RELAX!!!

I made a wee cushion to remind us to chill a bit more often :-)
(photo taken before I cut the threads off and trimmed corners etc)

Granny Smith anyone???
I couldnt resist making something fun out of this FREE fabric!
(nearly there)

playing with ideas for a wee collage in Nikita's room
(spray painted photo frames from the op shop and $2 shop)

skirts for the market are coming along .....

 another lot of dresses currently on the production line

and are you loving these 70's men's ties???

I have a master plan for these babies .....

but I need about 20 more!!!
(I have been sloooowly collecting ties for about 3 years now)

I promise to post better quality photos of the finished product!

and lastly another colouful stack of pretty fabrics for you to eyeball ;-)
(anyone recognise any???)

Well, back to the tourist guiding capper .....

chat again soon,
Dee xoxo

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So far this week

My trip South was not how I imagined!

Firstly, the eight op shops I purposely stopped at along the way did not come up with the goods I was hoping for!
(It pays NOT to expect too much - obviously)

Secondly, I did not come home towing the vintage caravan of my dreams
(the main purpose of the trip)
I did however, come home richer for it and when I arrived home
the latest

was waiting for me
with a dream caravan doning the front cover

(how this lady managed to put "my" vision into reality is beyond me *wink*)

so I am back to square one - and thats ok.
anyway, good things come to those who wait - right?

I will show and tell the few wee things I did score soon (I promise)

meantime in the one denim bird studio

I have been

cutting out interesting dress patterns ...

finding a few op-shopped treasures from last week ...

sewing the finishing touches of this fab dress ...

here is a bit more detail - the print is gorgeous ha???

sewing my "one denim bird" applique onto A Line skirts for the spring markets ...
(see the baby versions HERE and HERE- it's kind of how I came up with my name)

and more ...

sewing colourful A Line skirts ...

cutting out and sewing more dress pattern's with pretty fabrics
(again for the spring markets)

I have 3 fantastic dresses on the go at the moment for a very special lady.
I have little brother and sister-in-law and kids coming for a holiday from NZ in a week.
My house is an absolute shambles (but whats new???)
This weekend is the first in many I am staying at home with NO plans
and I am about to jump in the car and race off to check out another op shop or two.

So I must fly my sweets - there are treasures out there waiting to be found.

chat soon
hugs all round
Dee x
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