Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So far this week

My trip South was not how I imagined!

Firstly, the eight op shops I purposely stopped at along the way did not come up with the goods I was hoping for!
(It pays NOT to expect too much - obviously)

Secondly, I did not come home towing the vintage caravan of my dreams
(the main purpose of the trip)
I did however, come home richer for it and when I arrived home
the latest

was waiting for me
with a dream caravan doning the front cover

(how this lady managed to put "my" vision into reality is beyond me *wink*)

so I am back to square one - and thats ok.
anyway, good things come to those who wait - right?

I will show and tell the few wee things I did score soon (I promise)

meantime in the one denim bird studio

I have been

cutting out interesting dress patterns ...

finding a few op-shopped treasures from last week ...

sewing the finishing touches of this fab dress ...

here is a bit more detail - the print is gorgeous ha???

sewing my "one denim bird" applique onto A Line skirts for the spring markets ...
(see the baby versions HERE and HERE- it's kind of how I came up with my name)

and more ...

sewing colourful A Line skirts ...

cutting out and sewing more dress pattern's with pretty fabrics
(again for the spring markets)

I have 3 fantastic dresses on the go at the moment for a very special lady.
I have little brother and sister-in-law and kids coming for a holiday from NZ in a week.
My house is an absolute shambles (but whats new???)
This weekend is the first in many I am staying at home with NO plans
and I am about to jump in the car and race off to check out another op shop or two.

So I must fly my sweets - there are treasures out there waiting to be found.

chat soon
hugs all round
Dee x


  1. I'm sure you'll find the caravan of your dreams sooner or later and you'll love it even more the longer it takes you to find it.

  2. That blue frock is lovely! =)

  3. LOVE the dress: the print is divine and the style suits it so well!!

  4. Oh the universe will send you the most fabulous caravan, I just know it!!!!!!
    The dress is so so pretty, the pattern and the beautiful design.
    Sending happiness to you.
    Love v

  5. The vintage caravan gods are just biding their time, they will deliver eventually!
    As always, your fabrics are beautiful, the blue/ green floral frock is stunning, and the striped/floral skirt has the most gorgeous colours.
    Ahhh, I haven't seen your little denim birds before, why haven't I seen them before?! So cute!
    Keep treasure hunting, you never know what awaits you! xxxx

  6. Hi Dee, wipe away the tears, and for now keep making those beautiful dresses and skirts! Love your work! Thank you for sharing news of Norma, I love her already. You'll find yours soon!

  7. The caravan mag looks great, always loved caravan holidays at the seaside :) your birds are so cute!

    Bee happy x

  8. Those A-Line skirts are making me weak at the knees. Looking at those pattern pieces all cut out and ready to go fires my enthusiasm up for another project..that's if I can tear myself away from the 'Lympics!!! Happy new caravan. bet it'll be the best furnished on in the whole of Oz!!! xxx

  9. That dress is fabulous. I love all the details like the sleeves and the belt.

  10. Hey Dee, I always wondered how you came up with your blog the little bird.
    Gorgeous dress , great colours and it has me dreaming of warmer weather, much 'n all as I love Winter.

    Tis a bit disappointing when you don't find any treasures on Op shopping adventures, but it looks like you managed to snag a couple.
    Sounds like you are stitching up a storm, have a great week,

    Claire :}

  11. Oh the dress looks so pretty !!!
    So sorry the trip didn't go as planned. Hope you find the perfect caravan soon

  12. I had a dream that you and I found the perfect caravan TOGETHER - so who knows... that might happen when we see each other in October!? And then we found a whole warehouse is 1960s wallpaper and then Jakey-cakes came riding through the meadow on a big black horse and well, it went a bit blue from there!

    Your sewing is amazing, darling - such incredibly beautiful designs and fabrics - and you put colours together so magnificently... the stripy/floral skirt has me weak at the knees! And THREE dresses for a very special lady? How delightfully fabularsehole!!!

    Hope you are having a lovely week with your family - staying warm, eating lovely food, laughing and hugging and catching up and resting.

    Sarah xxx

  13. wow you make beautiful clothing! i love your little signature bird, so cute!


  14. Hi Dee. Happy I found you (from you popping over to my blog). I am OBSESSED with your gorgeous dresses and fabrics ~ gorgeous! I'm following you now, and on FB too.

    Happy day,


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