Monday, February 27, 2012

Washing week is over and look at the results!

A bit more vintage floral love to add to the stash!

Enjoy peeps, I have a busy week ahead,
chat soon x

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's official .... I am an Addict!



Yep, I knew I had a serious case of the vintage sheet collecting kind but apparently I've gone over and beyond a mild interest!

While on our 4 night/3 day break down the coast I managed to scour not one, not two but NINE op shops!  I had ear-marked 10 - and don't worry I was busting my boiler to get to every one, only to find that St Brendon's Opportunity shop (my last port of call) was closed on a Saturday morning! 
The bloody cheek of it!

I have come to the conclusion that there can't possibly be anyone in East Gippsland with a passion for vintage sheets as I do, as here is a sneak peek at what I managed to score!

I also managed a good haul of pillow slips as well for vintage lovin craft!

I could have come home with much more but I was a bit picky and choosey!  Two op shops I visited had back walls full to the brim with sheets!  I was in heaven.  Like a mad woman possessed! 
And, I think I even convinced my Grace (12) of the pleasures of op shopping (and) re-crafting/styling at home!  (It's taken me a while!!!)  She is currently going through a "surf wear brand" stage!  I am trying to teach her if she finds a pretty fabric or top at the op shop and re crafts it she can have the look she's after at a fraction of the cost!  (and still have savings in her bank account!)
We have a mum/daughter project going at present to find pretty floral fabrics (of her choice!)  and make them into singlet tops with a lace (or doily) insert!  These babies are over $50 at the surf shops!  I am envisioning one made at home with love for around $2-5.
(we will keep you posted!)

Aside from that we had a great time, camping, fishing, eating, exploring and op shopping.  (although my body is finding the thin self inflating mattress a little unbearable whilst camping and am feeling the need to upgrade to "Glamping"!!! )

Happiness to you all,

Dee x0x

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Salt and sand ...

Tomorrow we are heading to the coast for our "salt and sand" fix!

I finished a dress for the gorgeous Miss Steph today 

so now I can get down to business and pack my essentials .....

1.  the latest Frankie magazine came out today!  Perfect holiday reading!
2.  my well worn East Gippsland Map!
3.  a trusty coffee maker!
4.  a wee bit of hand sewing (dolls clothes for Nikita)
5.   and the best kind of "tourist" guide an "op-shopping" girl could want!
(aka Op Shop Guide Victoria)

I have tagged about 10 op shops to visit!  Whoa hoo!  Look out peoples, I could be dangerous!

Anyway petals, have a great weekend,  I know I will


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well hello lovelies ...

Gee, it's been a while ...

I have been meaning to blog over the last fortnight but life has been rather hectic of late.

Firstly, the kids are back at school and my baby is now at big Kinder!
I am slowly getting back into the "school run-around" routine and finding my way from one bleed'n after school activity to the next!
Secondly, I have had an influx of dress orders as well so I have been squeezing a lot of sewing into every spare moment of the day!
And most importantly, I have also thrown myself back into a healthy eating and exercising routine as one has gained a bit too much weight in the last six months and I seriously NEED to get back into shape.  I am usually very conscious of my weight but I have let myself go beyond my usual "danger" zone and for my own sanity I am doing something about it! 
 I have also been rather reluctant to "paste" photos of myself all over the web but I am feeling the need to join in on such shenanigans as
"Frock on Friday" and what have you, so tune in!

Anyway, here are a few photos of op shopped fabric finds ...

a wee bit of "floral" love

ride em cowboy and Aztec prints
(thanks to a friends de-stash)

batik elephants and stripes

I also fell upon this website containing a printable pattern for this adorable
Horrockses dress

you must check it out HERE it's a freebie!

I am madly finishing a few orders this coming week and then we are off to the Coast for a teeny tiny holiday!  Taking our retro boat and tenting it for a couple of nights! 
Our current holidays mainly consist of Mr One Denim Bird and son fishing and
Mrs One Denim Bird (moi) and daughters op shopping and general cafe swanning!

All sounds rather perfect really!

Hope you are all happy and well wherever you are!

Dee x0x0x
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