Saturday, February 11, 2012

Well hello lovelies ...

Gee, it's been a while ...

I have been meaning to blog over the last fortnight but life has been rather hectic of late.

Firstly, the kids are back at school and my baby is now at big Kinder!
I am slowly getting back into the "school run-around" routine and finding my way from one bleed'n after school activity to the next!
Secondly, I have had an influx of dress orders as well so I have been squeezing a lot of sewing into every spare moment of the day!
And most importantly, I have also thrown myself back into a healthy eating and exercising routine as one has gained a bit too much weight in the last six months and I seriously NEED to get back into shape.  I am usually very conscious of my weight but I have let myself go beyond my usual "danger" zone and for my own sanity I am doing something about it! 
 I have also been rather reluctant to "paste" photos of myself all over the web but I am feeling the need to join in on such shenanigans as
"Frock on Friday" and what have you, so tune in!

Anyway, here are a few photos of op shopped fabric finds ...

a wee bit of "floral" love

ride em cowboy and Aztec prints
(thanks to a friends de-stash)

batik elephants and stripes

I also fell upon this website containing a printable pattern for this adorable
Horrockses dress

you must check it out HERE it's a freebie!

I am madly finishing a few orders this coming week and then we are off to the Coast for a teeny tiny holiday!  Taking our retro boat and tenting it for a couple of nights! 
Our current holidays mainly consist of Mr One Denim Bird and son fishing and
Mrs One Denim Bird (moi) and daughters op shopping and general cafe swanning!

All sounds rather perfect really!

Hope you are all happy and well wherever you are!

Dee x0x0x


  1. Sounds like your trip will be lovely! I do hope you join in on Frock up Friday I love checking out what everyones wearing. x

  2. Love your fabrics those flower ones are beautiful. Have a lovely holiday it sounds ideal to me ;-) dee x

  3. Really love the first lot of fabric photos (the far right is my fav). Have a great trip!

  4. Sounds lovely! Have a great holiday. x

  5. Oh my goodness, those fabrics are delicious! And I love the Horrockes frock.
    Enjoy your holiday. xx

  6. I'll have a frock in the cow print, horse print and Aztec print when you've got a minute, please!!
    Lovely to have you back and yes, get yourself frocked up and out there. xxx

  7. Hey Dee, I'm with you on the eating and exercising treadmill.........can't ignore it forever!!

    Great fabric find and I love that Horrocks dress.

    Enjoy your hol, would love to spend a bit of time at the coast. New op shops to discover, how wonderful.

    Claire :}


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