Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Salt and sand ...

Tomorrow we are heading to the coast for our "salt and sand" fix!

I finished a dress for the gorgeous Miss Steph today 

so now I can get down to business and pack my essentials .....

1.  the latest Frankie magazine came out today!  Perfect holiday reading!
2.  my well worn East Gippsland Map!
3.  a trusty coffee maker!
4.  a wee bit of hand sewing (dolls clothes for Nikita)
5.   and the best kind of "tourist" guide an "op-shopping" girl could want!
(aka Op Shop Guide Victoria)

I have tagged about 10 op shops to visit!  Whoa hoo!  Look out peoples, I could be dangerous!

Anyway petals, have a great weekend,  I know I will



  1. Have an amazing time! 10 opshops!! I like your odds on finding vintage goodies. x

  2. Hope you are having a wonderful time! That frock is SPECTACULAR! And I love the canisters on the cabinet behind. Wishing you all the op shopping luck in the world.

    Sarah xxx

  3. Beautiful dress. Love the rose canisters on your shelf ;-) Have a super trip. dee x

  4. Hope you have a great trip and much op shop success.
    That frock is wonderful, such a pretty print. xx

  5. Have the best time, hope there's loads of sunshine and op-shopping! x

  6. Darling,have a splendid,safe and relaxing time!!!
    Gorgie frock,you are SUCH a clever possum! yay,must grab a copy of Frankie for my upcoming weekend!XXX

  7. Sounds like you've worked hard and deserve a fab shopping and relaxing break! Enjoy.xx.

  8. Oh my goodnes, what can I say! I want that dress, don't tell me where Steph lives or I have to go and borrow it. I have just found your blog and I have loved reading through it. I have a passion for children's cloths and love vintage. My grandparents were French and my Grand-mere made all of my clothes. I have kept most of them, they inspire me to design and create clothes for my online shop. I hardly ever want to sew for myself as I just can't help making children's clothes. Please pop over and say hi, I am also blogging about my fibro beach shack makeover, which has been such fun.

  9. hahahaha we have a very similar holiday packing list! thanks for popping by, nice to meet you. i've been away for a while too, enjoying the bestest summer ever. i feel the good weather will soon come to an end though so hopefully see you around either at mine or yours :)

  10. What a beautiful dress: I actually have some of that fabric in a remnant!


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