Monday, October 24, 2011

Skirty Licious...

Today I'm home with little Miss Nikita and I dont feel like I have achieved a lot but in hindsight we have managed a load of washing, a pile of dishes, a lot of cuddles on the couch, a ham sandwich each and I've had several cups of coffee..............and craving more........

and in between all that I whipped up a 1970's style A line skirt...

just for fun :-)

I think I might sell this one on etsy!
Size 12

Hope you had a fab weekend and your being productive little beavers where ever you are,

Ciao,  Dee x

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Vintage lace........

Hi again,

somehow, in between play dates, sleepovers, queasy tummies and restless sleeps I managed to finish this little number over the weekend!

a modified 1960's pattern, and I added little sleeves. 

 Then I came across a container of vintage lace I had forgotten I'd acquired and thought it would be fun to add some to this vintage looking dress!

I'm quite delighted with the outcome!

And on another's now time to hang up my tape measure and sit back
and enjoy the rugby...

Go the mighty All Blacks!

and just in case you feel the need to join in on all the hoopla
here is a guide on how to perform the Haka
I found it on the Internet!

check out the YouTube link:

Go on, give it a know you want to! :-)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sooper Dooper surprise........

Hi Lovelies,

I don't know if you'll remember but last week I mentioned I was sooper dooper excited about a BIG surprise coming my way..........

well, it arrived this week and I am totally in LOVE

oh yes I am!
One of these 1930's era Lead light kitchen dressers has been on my wish list for many years and I have been watching eBay and putting in a few bids here and there, BUT, I am hopeless at the whole eBay bidding thing and have lost out on many an auction!
 I wasn't prepared to travel across the continent to pick one up either so my choices were a bit limited.
Anyway, I haven't been totally hung up about it (yeah right, who am I kidding?)
and then
there it was!  The right height, the right width, beautiful colour, not too light, not too dark, the right amount of cupboards and most of all lead light intact with pretty colours!  And what do ya know, I just happened to be the only one who bid on this baby.
and now she's MINE
easy peasy!

One of the main reasons for wanting this (apart from the fact it's down right gorgeous and practical to boot) was we have a small house and 3 boisterous kids and I wanted to have a special place I can put my treasures, you know the kind............all the lovely jubbly stuff that needs a special place to store and/or display!  and most importantly the special things I have acquired over the years from my Nan!

Maisie and Sam
(that's Nan and Grandad to me!)
God Bless her cotton socks!
You know, things like..........

her Irish linen tea towels
(as well as a few table cloths and what nots I have op shopped!)

pretty tea cups and saucers, just like Nan had
(these ones I've collected myself)

Nan's Port Meirion dishes
(these are so good for quiches and zucchini slice)

Nan's old bone handle knifes!
(god I love these)
(and "yes Mum" I am taking care of the posh cutlery set you gave me!!!)

and another of my weaknesses...
I have a bit of a thing for Moroccan glasses!
and the odd Moroccan platter or two!

come to think of it, I just like Moroccan stuff!

So I am tickle pink today!  Isn't she a beauty?

All in all, I'm feeling pretty chuffed!  It's been lots of fun loading it up with all my treasures and there is plenty of space for more!
(any excuse for hunting and gathering!)

And finally, one last thing .................... purely for FUN
I also made a dress

Yep, it's a smurf dress
I know its crazy (in a good way) but what do you think?
A smurf dress with patchwork pockets!
(smurf single sheet op shopped $1.50)

I think someone might like it, someone might even buy it!  And there is enough fabric left for another ladies dress or one of my patchwork dresses for the little ladies!

Yay!  I couldn't have had a better day!

I hope you're all well and happy where ever you are.

Ciao Bella's

Dee xox

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fun fabrics............

As usual, its late and I'm the only one up!
It is the only time I get alone these days and it's time for me to unwind
with a

cup of tea........Yay!

I love this time of night............
it's quiet
and still
I love the

I also thought I better update some fabrics

and wrap a parcel for a very special friend

This ravishing red dress is heading to the gorgeous Miss Carmel in Marlborough,
New Zealand!

She will look stunning in this whilst sipping Cloudy Bay Sav Blanc - YUM!

hope you have all had a great start to the week,
I know I far I am ahead of schedule and that feels great.

Nightie night x

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweatshop.........onedenimbird style

Hi All,

well, my kids are back at school and childcare and I have been reasonably productive this week.....

well in my terms!

I've been sewing a few frocks...


and generally making a mess,
I call it a productive mess ;-)

I also purchased a few stamps over at FLONZ
a couple of weeks back.
you will find them at  etsy
I have been using them for my labels..........they are lots of FUN!
There is plenty to choose from and you have the option to purchase the rubber stamp only and then you can peel and adhere them to a timber block (as I did), it saves on postage costs (yay!)
Have a look, I thought they were very reasonably priced!

I have also been culling some vintage patterns!  I tend to grab anything I can get my hands on at the op shops, especially 5 cent ones!  I can see the potential in almost anything..................sigh!

What am I saying?????????

Of course you understand, I'm sure most of you fabric hoarding, vintage loving, bargain hunting, op shop scrounging, irratic sewing chicks out there feel the same as I do!

Anyway peeps,

I am sooper dooper excited because with all the money I have been squirreling away I have made a wee ebay purchase and it arrives next week.............

stay tuned!  I'ts a BIG surprise! 
and it is
yummy and nanary, and vintage, and practical and I have had this on my wishlist for a long time.

I'm teasing ha!  but seriously you will just have to wait and see.........

ciao bellas

Dee x

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Crafty Minx......

Hi All,

I'm sure you have all heard of Kelly Doust and her fantastic books

The Crafty Minx

The Crafty Kid

A Life in Frocks

and just released

Minxy Vintage


next weekend Kelly will be appearing at the

Canterbury Racecourse Function Centre, King Street, Canterbury, Sydney
for her new book launch and workshops!!

Is anyone going???  OH I WISH I WAS!!!
I have motherly taxiing duties that weekend........
 if you do go please tell me how wonderful it is because I am going
 next year!  Without a doubt.

And if you really want to get into some
Vintage Action
why not enter the 

just like I did HERE 

and you will be in the running for some fabulous prizes including Kelly's
"Minxy Vintage" book!

So start hunting for your vintage treasure, get snapping on the camera and send them in to Kelly's competition.................. ENTER NOW
Have fun x


Every picture tells a story...

Check out this link to this amazing photographer I just discovered...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm back.......

Hi everyone,

Well I'm back in town after a week away camping at one of our favourite spots...........Mallacoota.
This was our view every day!

except.............every day wasn't quite as gorgeous as this photo!

It was rather wet, pretty darn cold and god damn windy!

But we managed and we had lots of fun!

The boys went fishing nearly every day in our wee retro boat

and someone I know was pretty chuffed about catching plenty of Salmon

(thats our son Teo)

we saw plenty of these

from the front door of our tent,
we pottered around town,
we drank lots of coffee at the local Bakery,
we explored the lakes on the boat,
we walked to the Spotted dog Mine
and the kids found a tree house,

we also spent the day in Merimbula and went to the movies to see

what a ripper of a movie!

I laughed, I cried, I sang, I tapped my toes,
(the music was great)

I drooled.........

oh, yes sir re bob

I was a drooling ...

talk about easy on the eye

just a tad "dishy"


This Josh Lucas is a bit of all right ha!

well I thought so

This movie re-inforced why I fell in LOVE with this gorgeous country!

Its red dirt
its rugged men
its characters
its wide open spaces
its opportunities
its true Aussie spirit!

So "Thanks Australia" - you have always made me feel so welcome!
(says this ordinary kiwi girl who chose to make Australia home over 20 years ago)

I feel very blessed!


in true scavenging spirit I managed to op shop every day while I was away!

and as usual I found a few treasures

a cute little school case

vintage sewing patterns and a vintage book

I had great plans for this book...

I thought I'd rip out the old pages and put them through my bubble jet printer to make
fun vintage pictures for framing....

you know the ones...
a bit like this

or this

and these ones can be found at the

over at ETSY

but on closer inspection

 I just couldn't bring myself to tearing out the pages because
155 years old!


Yep, N Buckley, who ever that may be, owned it in

so maybe I might try and find a younger vintage book to tear up and create modern vintage prints in the future!

Anyway lovelies

I have fabric to wash, air and photograph
so stay tuned!

My etsy shop will be opening up again tomorrow!


Dee x
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