Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm back.......

Hi everyone,

Well I'm back in town after a week away camping at one of our favourite spots...........Mallacoota.
This was our view every day!

except.............every day wasn't quite as gorgeous as this photo!

It was rather wet, pretty darn cold and god damn windy!

But we managed and we had lots of fun!

The boys went fishing nearly every day in our wee retro boat

and someone I know was pretty chuffed about catching plenty of Salmon

(thats our son Teo)

we saw plenty of these

from the front door of our tent,
we pottered around town,
we drank lots of coffee at the local Bakery,
we explored the lakes on the boat,
we walked to the Spotted dog Mine
and the kids found a tree house,

we also spent the day in Merimbula and went to the movies to see

what a ripper of a movie!

I laughed, I cried, I sang, I tapped my toes,
(the music was great)

I drooled.........

oh, yes sir re bob

I was a drooling ...

talk about easy on the eye

just a tad "dishy"


This Josh Lucas is a bit of all right ha!

well I thought so

This movie re-inforced why I fell in LOVE with this gorgeous country!

Its red dirt
its rugged men
its characters
its wide open spaces
its opportunities
its true Aussie spirit!

So "Thanks Australia" - you have always made me feel so welcome!
(says this ordinary kiwi girl who chose to make Australia home over 20 years ago)

I feel very blessed!


in true scavenging spirit I managed to op shop every day while I was away!

and as usual I found a few treasures

a cute little school case

vintage sewing patterns and a vintage book

I had great plans for this book...

I thought I'd rip out the old pages and put them through my bubble jet printer to make
fun vintage pictures for framing....

you know the ones...
a bit like this

or this

and these ones can be found at the

over at ETSY

but on closer inspection

 I just couldn't bring myself to tearing out the pages because
155 years old!


Yep, N Buckley, who ever that may be, owned it in

so maybe I might try and find a younger vintage book to tear up and create modern vintage prints in the future!

Anyway lovelies

I have fabric to wash, air and photograph
so stay tuned!

My etsy shop will be opening up again tomorrow!


Dee x

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  1. yay miss dee, welcome back. That book is a treasure, but most of all, I love that case!! Bec x


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