Thursday, September 15, 2011

For the little Ladies.....

Hi everyone...............well I feel totally out of the loop here in Blogland as I haven't posted anything for ages.  But what I have been doing is squeezing a lot of sewing into my dandy wee life.

I recently made one of these dresses for my little Miss Nikita (3 - and a half - as she likes to inform us!). I wasn't too sure if she would wear it, as she's a rather practical girl when it comes to dressing, she knocks around in t shirts and trackie dacks (as we call them in our household) most of the time.  She doesn't really show any signs of wanting to be "girly" and I dont encourage it, not because I'm against it, on the contrary, I just let her be.

Anyway, since making up a few more of these lovelies she has started wearing dresses, like every day, with and without her trackie dacks all this prettiness lying around the house is starting to rub off,


 someone special out there has already got first DIBS on these ones but never fear Petals, I will be making more of these, in varying colours, and I'll be listing them on my ETSY shop!


now that I have a whole pile of vintage FQ's thanks to the fabulously organised Miss Kel over at Green Tea and Red Nails 

I have lots of gorgeous colours and patterns for inspiration. YAY!

Well Luvs, I seriously need some beauty sleep.........

night x


  1. The dresses are adorable! Love the fabric you used.

  2. Gorgeous! You have indeed been busy :)

  3. Love love love these ... you are very clever indeed!!

  4. I am going out this very minute to get pregnant so I can have a little girl to wear the yellow one - it's frickin GORGEOUS! You're so clever.

    Sarah xxx


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