Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day! - It's fairly special to me!

Today 23 years ago I arrived on Australian soil!
(yep little ole me!)

i was 19
it was a Thursday
i flew united airlines
i sat next to a good looking guitarist
i had no idea what lay ahead of me
but i was eager to find out
i found out much later, my mum cried all the way home from the airport
(a 5 hour drive)
i vividly remember the 80's style frock I wore, i wanted to rip it off the minute I stepped out of the Sydney terminal
it was 39 degrees
i'd never experienced anything like it in my life!
i caught the bus to central station
and waited at the pub for the train north
it was one of those rickety old trains with the seats that flip over
i watched with innocent eyes as we trundled along through graffitied suburbs that would become comfortably familiar
i remember thinking the train was full of weirdo's
only to find the train terminated at my stop and all the weirdo's got off the train with me!
(of course they would! what was I thinking?)
i caught a taxi to my destination
the view made me think I'd died and gone to heaven
i shared a 2 bedroom unit with 4 kiwi lads
i slept on the couch
and got a job in the first week
the rest is history I guess
and I've NEVER looked back
i always reflect on Australia Day
and think of the girl i used to be and what ive become
pre children i celebrated like the rest of them
a few beers, a few prawns on the barbie and a hangover the following morning!

Today though, I finished a cushion I started ages ago

 I also hung out a few vintage sheets

organised some haberdashery

neatly stacked clean vintage sheets

photographed a dress i finished last weekend

picked a bucket of ripe nectarines from our tree

cut out 3 flowing tunic tops from these pretty fabrics

re-arranged my very own shadow board

and generally just fluffed around

i did very little housework
and cooked a simple meal

It was the perfect way to spend Australia Day!

Hope you all celebrated in what ever style suited you!

Dee x


  1. Wow! Loving your vintage sheet collection! That is definitely to be envied! :)
    Happy Australia Day!

  2. Hey Dee, it's great to look back and see where this journey has taken you..........

    Sounds like you've had a great day and those nectarines look mouth wateringly delish.....We got brown rot and lost most of ours, aargh!!
    The shadow board looks like it's straight out of Spotters and your cushion looks great. I am admiring your fabric stash, so neatly folded and stored.........

    I have been trying to stay cool under the fan (air con's on the blink) eating watermelon and mint, so refreshing and scoffing a lamington or five, ssh!!

    Claire :}

  3. Your vintage sheet collection is amazing! Lovely post. x

  4. Wow what a great story and have you ever ben back to England? I can imagine how your mum felt I hate it when my kids leave and they are still in Australia.My 2nd daughter turned 24 today.

  5. Hi Dee, I've given your blog a wee award. Check it out here:

  6. Wow, what an amazing cushion. It's perfect. And I long to have neatly stacked vintage fabrics - mine are shoved on the spare shelves in the airing cupboard. I remember crying all the way home when my sister went on a round the world trip. She was gone for 18 months and then came back but now lives in Hong Kong. We're going to visit her at Easter - yippee! Have a great weekend. x

  7. Sounds like an awesome way to spend Australia Day! Your sheet collection is impressive, and I love the cushion.

  8. What a lovely post dee, nice to find out more about you :) We are exactly the same age btw.xx.

  9. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I followed the links back to your blog and wow, what an amazing assortment of vintage goodies you have!!! I love so many things here! Especially the vintage sheeting and the crochet doily (or is it part of a big tablecloth?) in the hoop. I must try that!

  10. Wow happy Australia Day to you!! You have most certainly added some vintage colour to our land of OZ! I love those sheets and want them all! The cushion is just perfect and so is every other image! Love it all Dee!

  11. I love your Australia Day story, you write so brilliantly! And great cushion too, I really love the colours. Niki

  12. Love all your vintage goodies - and your Australia Day story!!

  13. What a fantastic post! I wish I'd have been as brave as you back then, who knows where I'd have ended up.
    That cushion is brilliant! xxx

  14. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  15. Happy Australia Day! =)


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