Friday, January 20, 2012

What's in store for 2012?

Well Hello Peeps!

It's been a while ha!
I have kind of lost my "mojo" at present AND I haven't been looking for it either!
My days have been consumed with entertaining, negotiating and mediating the 3 kidlets.
Child 1 has a part time job working in a cafe so I run her in and out of town.
Child 2 & 3 have had week long blocks of swimming lessons and so I have been running back and forth to the next town for those!
Hubby is flat out at the bike shop and so we barely get a glimpse of him.
Rellies are currently in town so we have been squeezing in "catch up" time.
We have filled in the rest of the time with swims at the river, sleep-overs, play dates, movies, and the usual housework hoo haa!
The "Make it, Bake it, Grow it" markets are back in town tomorrow and I have booked another stall so I have been trying to update my stock and get it all pretty and ready to go!
Quite frankly, I am feeling rather exhausted!
I have managed to sneak in a tiny weeny smidgen of op-shopping and have found a few vintage sheets/fabrics for the stash ...

L to R
1. pretty blue retro floral cotton sheet
2. funky retro brown and orange patchwork cotton sheet
3. gorgeous blue batik fabric
4. lovely floral patterned bark cloth
5. another funky brown and tan patchwork cotton sheet
6. pretty pink and yellow floral cotton sheet

I also picked up this cute az pattern on etsy for a fiver

I have great plans for this baby!!! 

One thing I have been dilema-tizing over though is how I am going to fit everything I want to achieve into this year!
My children are all over the show this year ... one at high school, another at primary and my baby starts 4 year old kinder.

After much thought I have decided to give away "custom" orders and concentrate on finishing the pile of half sewn/half cut garments I have been meaning to get around to finishing!
I've decided to sell everything on "etsy" ONLY and once I have sewn a garment I can upload it and "voila"
it will be ready to ship!
I will be making a variety of styles and sizes - something for everyone, but it will take a bit of pressure off and I can do it all in "MY" time!
I hope this wont put any of you off, I just need to make it work for me and my family!
This year is going to be a pearler I can feel it!
Well petals hope your all well and happy
chat soon


  1. Once again a gorgeous haul miss D. Loving that barkcloth. Are you planning to make a dress with that - if you do I think I want first dibs! Bec x

  2. Those designs are so beautiful. Good on you for doing what you want less stress!!

  3. Crikey,love,you've got a lot on your plate!!!
    Those fabrics are delicious!!!
    It sure is going to be a pearler of a year,darl,I feel it in my waters!

  4. Vanessa, what's "what's" what's?

    Dee - you sure are busy! Hope you have a wonderful year. Come north for a visit if you need a break!

    Sarah xxx

  5. oh Miss Dee sorry I looked at the blog earlier and it just had "What's" I thought you were up to something but it must have been a draft.
    Anyway the fabric is very cool and I am sure they will make yummy things.
    Love V

  6. just gorgeous! lovely finds! those sheets are fabulous!

    Kel x

  7. Hey Dee, sounds like you've got it sorted for the shop and sewing. Something's gotta give sometimes.....

    Love your haul of vintage sheets and that bark cloth....what a find that was.

    How did the market end up on Saturday? I hope it was worth it for you...

    Claire :}

  8. Stalking you here or stalking Etsy either way, and good on you for doing what is best or you and the family. May ths year be a splendid one.

  9. Go for register users.
    I am soooooooooooo glad to meet you in the bloggosphere, and thrill to see you have me in your blogroll, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.
    I am now, following and adding you to my blogroll, yeahhhhhhhhhhh


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