Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dreams can come true ............

For most of my motherhood years I have been wanting to start a wee venture! 
One specifically for ME.
 I have seriously needed a creative outlet
(bookkeeping for our own business in the bicycle industry has been a learning curve, a challenge and rewarding but
creative enough for this crafty girl)
and sewing has always been a hobby of mine.
(a sort of escapism, if you please)
Initially I thought I would try the local markets and had been part of the "committee"
that started our local
"make it bake it grow it"
 market which took off in Winter 2009.
Then I discovered etsy!
I knew the path I wanted to take straight away.
Being the "not-so-dandy-at-the-techno-stuff"  kind of chick I struggled to get it off the ground. 
(In fact I procrastinated for months) 
It took me MANY hours late at night trying, trialling, researching, googling, you tube tutorial-ing, asking, begging and borrowing to learn how to navigate my way through, behind and around this whole social media, online craft world that I knew jack squat about!
Boy have I learnt a lot!!!
(and I have no way in hell mastered it - YET!)
But I'm giving it my best shot!
In between squirrelling away in front of the computer screen,
 passing on my executive role *ahem* as a director/administrator/gofer/floater,
 taxiing my 3 kids to their various activities and running a household 
I have managed to launch this teeny-tiny-slow-but-steady home based business called

where I sew garments for lovely lass's who want something a wee bit different.
(In my spare time of course)
I get to create.
It gives me an excuse to op shop for fabric
(not that I ever needed one)
Infact I op shop even more than I used too!
I can do this from home.
In my own time.
Exactly how I want it.
it truly feeds my soul
more than I could have ever imagined
and because of this
I have met some amazingly talented, stylish, hilarious, crafty, thrifty, kind and giving souls here in blogland!
You are all truly amaze-a-mondo!!
So, I have no idea where this venture will take me in 2012 but I know one thing for sure I will be sticking around!
So here's to a bright, prosperous and fun-filled 2012!

Dee x

(A little of some of the things I have made since going "online")


  1. I'm glad you have found something that makes you extremely happy. You make amazing pieces, you should be so proud of what you accomplish! x

  2. Good on you and all the best with your new business! You have some really gorgeous pieces there with some lovely fabrics. Hope it's a great year for you.

  3. You are a genius! If I could make anything half as good as those gorgeous creations there's no way on earth I could ever bring myself to sell them! x

  4. Gorgeous, fabulous, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, inspired and delicious - you know I'm just waiting to get a job so I can start ordering! Sarah xxx

  5. Dear Miss Dee, you are such a wonderfully talented lady, I just love all your dresses. Prettiness at it's best.
    Thank you for all the wonderful comments and support this year!!!!
    Happiness for the year ahead for you and your loved ones!!
    May the op-shops be filled with vintage fabrics and treasure.
    Love V

  6. Oh Dee you are a sewing goddess, how talented you are. Please keep sharing your creations so we can swoon and lust over them.

  7. Your guna do great and I LOVE my skirt Just got home today and it was waiting for me.I must lose a bit as have overindulged last few weeks but it will be fitting me very soon Thankyou xxx

  8. Good for you! I'm so happy for you. You are a talented, creative person, and I wish you well with your little shop.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  9. O wow your dresses and use of vintage fabrics are beautiful. I have just popped over from Helga Von Trollop's blog and im so glad i did looking at your blog you sound like a women after my own heart. Computers are always tricky things to work out and set up programmes etc. But now you have done it those frocks will sell like hot cakes im sure. Happy new year i will enjoy following you this year and seeing further makes. dee x

  10. I LOVE all these darling little dresses! =)

  11. you are bound to find success with all that talent. It's all gorgeous! Good luck! x

  12. Wow! What a delightful collection! I found you via Green Tea and Red Nails and am giong to do the vintage FQ swap! Look forward to reading more of your blog - I'm now following you. Please come and visit at Just For Daisy! :)

  13. Upssssssssssss I am already following you.

  14. Hi Dee, your dresses are amazing! Its funny because we had the same sheets as the 2nd car dress in the 70's/80's, probably still have them somewhere.

    I will add you to my etsy circle and will add you to my bloglist also.

    I hope your shop does well, Tamara x


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