Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jubilee Swap ...

Hi Peeps!

I too was a part of the majestic "Faith Hope and Charity"

and today I received the most divine parcel from the lovely


I am always blown away by the generosity of bloggers
and Carole if you are reading this blog post
This parcel of joy was brimming with love ...
here is a peek

overflowing with goodness

vintage fabric samples
(these stole my heart)

and then ............. the "Jubilee Special"

You have no idea how grateful I am that little old ladies who store all their lace and trims in
Jubilee vintage tins for years and years and then take them to the op shop so darlings like
our Carole
find them and include them in her Jubilee Swap
and consequently send it to me - her Jubilee swap partner! 

(Yes, little ole me who will drool over them and pick and sort through and admire them and
then eventually make something out of these pieces of history!!!)

I know you can't see me but I am grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

How spoilt am I???
Gorgeous vintage fabric samples,
handstiched tea towels and hand towels,
latte mug and napkins
thimbles and drawstring bags,
jubilee tins of vintage lace
and this absolute beauty to keep my dream alive

My guess is this is of Caroles' own hand!
A gorgeous handstitched vintage caravan with matching bunting!

(this is going straight to the pool room!)

I'm also sending out a BIG thank you to
for organising such a fun swap
and I've also linked up

Dee x


  1. What lovely swap pressies..I love the vintage fabric samples and the fabric caravan is so cute!

  2. How utterly delightful all those treasures are.

  3. Lovely things, and so completely right for you! xxx

  4. Wow, what a collection of lovelies. The fabric samples are perfect and the vintage tin with all the trims is so true to the jubilee theme! x

  5. Wow, she did brilliantly picking out such great stuff for you. And the card is just amazing. So glad you enjoyed the swap, thanks a lot for taking part and linking up x

  6. Hello Dee,I am so happy that you liked it all.At first I thought what the!!!! am I going to make this parcel up of,then I was blessed with things just right for you.I had forgotten to add myself as a follower and am about to do so as I did enjoy reading your blog and finding out about you and the things you love.

  7. Love it....lucky girl!! Have just come across your blog and already I can tell, I'll be here for days!! Enjoy your weekend x

  8. All of those treasures are PERFECT for you, Dee! I LOVE the caravan so much - and those fabric samples are GOOORGEOUS! Sarah xxx


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