Friday, July 6, 2012

Flower power .....

Hi honeys, friday has rolled around again and this week I have been happily sewing for a fabulous local lovely see here
who has a passion for vintage clothing and wears it well
she has commisioned moi to make her a few little numbers for her gorgeous collection
and this wee pretty is made from an old curtain!
I know she will have fun wearing this little number..

(sorry about the shadowing)
I'm loving the pattern on this cute A Line dress!

Well back to the machine .......
Dee x


  1. I love that frock - curtains used to be a lot more funky than they are now:)

  2. OOoh I LOOOVE it! Lucky girl - the colours are FAB! You're so clever, Dee. Sarah xxx

  3. Oh I LOVE it.....I do so much sewing for the kids and not much for me, but now I'm feeling inspired. Thanks x

  4. Oh that is the best pattern ever!!!! I love the style that you have made it in Dee. So cute.
    Love v

  5. How gorgeous. Love the fabric and the frocks. Very much.

  6. What gorgeous fabric & a fabulous style. I really really hope I have my own ODB dress one day! You make such beautiful creations. Xx

  7. I'm purple with envy! Gorgeous floral! My mother changed curtains frequently! The old ones would turn into dresses for me, shirts for my brother and new curtains for the Kombi van!

  8. Keeping you busy, always a good thing...well isn't that what we tell ourselves anyway?!
    The dress looks fab.xx.

  9. I love that fabric to distraction, funnily enough it's almost identical to the 1971 wallpaper still in my family home's bathroom! I'd have been nervous getting the scissors to that but it looks fabulous, I love it. x

  10. Oooo what fantastic fabric. You lucky thing!!

  11. Ooooooo Dee that dress is utterly beautiful. I want it! If I find more of that amazing fabric I may have to get you to make one for me.
    Fabulous Vintage


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