Sunday, June 10, 2012

End of the week wrap up ...

I had a terrible sleep last night .....
I don't usually suffer from amnesia insomnia but my mind just would not shut down.
As a consequence I feel worn out today and have achieved nothing at all.
But I did manage a wee bit of blog housekeeping and I accidentally worked out how to add
"Link Within" at the bottom of my posts! 
(You have no idea how long I've been trying to figure that one out - next time I'll just ask all you savvy bloggers!)

Anyway here is a collage of home sweet home ...

(the colourful version - not the usual messy, unorganised, hectic, mad version!)

Happy Sunday Lovelies - hope you are enjoying the weekend!

Dee x


  1. Oh the collage is fun to look at!!!
    I am sending a squirrel hug and hope you sleep well tonight.
    Love. V

  2. Love the collage - especially the fabrics. There's nothing worse than not getting enough sleep - hope you have a peaceful night!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. aahh its horrible when you can't sleep. Your collage is lovely so much gorgeous colour. Love your car and your fabrics, and the patchwork quilt on your bed. The last photo are they all your children? gorgeous photo. I wouldn't have a clue how to add links to the bottom of my posts so you did brill ;-) Hope you have a better sleep tonight. dee x

  4. Oh I love the wee collage! I had a terrible "sleeping week" last week so I can sympathise! Here's to sweet dreams tonight. Also photos of your fabric stash always makes me green with envy and I LOVE that quilt!

  5. You look totally amazing there in that collage! And what a collage, bursting with colour and inspiration. Sweet dreams. X Roberta

  6. You have such an enviable fabric stash, not to mention dress collection. So jealous as always. The collage is such fun. Btw, I spy a rather fabulous vintage red case in the background there! x

  7. Gorgeous collage. So much lovely colour and pattern. I bet your house is full of beautiful things - and people! xxxx

  8. You've no idea how much I've loved looking at your collage, it's so full of vibrancy and colour and it's really inspired me to sort out my fabric stash and get creating.
    Boo to insomnia. I can sleep anywhere but Jon's a terrible sleeper, poor bugger! x

  9. What a gorgeous collage, so colourful and fun! I hope you get some more restful sleep :)

  10. What a gorgeous colourful collage and that is an amazing fabric stash. You have a lovely blog. xx


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