Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thrifty finds, sewing and crafting

Absolutely delighted with my op shopped red vinyl suitcase...

I have been on the lookout for a RED storage vessel for a while
and this did not disappoint,
it's very large, is lined in satin and will house a LOT of vintage sheets,
it will also come in handy for holidays overseas!
(there is always one on the horizon)

two little blue wrens

and finally a clean folded pile of vintage sheets ..

(last weeks haul to add to the ever growing collection)

Also, weekend baking by my 8 year old son Teo
(he has a VERY sweet tooth)
I very rarely buy sweet biscuits in our house so if you want a sweet hit you have to bake it!

He's pretty damn good in the kitchen, and as you can see they don't last long in our house!
(note: All I did to help was beat and pour into the tin)
Not bad eh!
I managed a spot of sewing too,

a pretty twirly swirly dress for an equally pretty girl.
(a parcel of joy is heading her way as we speak)

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All in all it's been very relaxing and I am ready to conquer this week with renewed enthusiasm.

Hope you all had a fab one too,
Dee x


  1. Absolutely adore your red suitcase.
    Karen G

  2. Still drooling over your fabric collection! The cake looks delicous, i'm not surprised it didn't last long. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Love your suitcase, and adore the fabric it's sitting on! gorgeous. That's an impressive pile of vintage sheets you have there! Your sons cake looks amazing too!

  4. A red suitcase,*sigh* beautiful, and the dress is soo cute, lucky little girl.

  5. Well done Teo - that cake looks delish! And I love your suitcase Dee! x

  6. My Goodness what a fab looking cake. I can see why it was half gone before you could photograph it. Nice one Teo.

  7. Ooh - the suitcase is fab, the cake looks DELISH and the little frock is GOOOOOORGEOUS!!! What a very lucky little girl!

    Maybe fill that suitcase with some fabric and cake and meet me at the beach for a girls' long weekend? Ha! How fun would that be!

    Sarah xxx

  8. That suitcase is a beauty and the dress is adorable! I'm in awe of the fab sheets you find! x

  9. Is that just last week's haul of sheets: if so wow!!

  10. That suitcase! It's fabulous. I love all your pretty sheets too. That cake looks delicious. Nothing like a bit of home baking.

    love it all. The fabric are magi.

  12. Blimey, it's all about the sheets down under! Love the pretty dress and suitcase, and I'm now wondering whether I could let my 7 year old loose in the kitchen without me having to stand over him. Could be worth the experiment!

    Thanks for linking up xx

  13. I just found your blog today, via Tah Dah Tuesday. I am so glad I did, you blog is just lovely!
    I really like the red suitcase. I have been trying to find one like that for some time now..I keep hoping one will show up at a boot sale (no luck so far).
    I love the vintage fabrics, you have such a pretty collection of them :)
    Magie x


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