Saturday, December 24, 2011

For all you Glamour puss's!

and seen as I haven't quite mastered it (yet) I thought I'd consult some experts!

so i turned to

Glamour Daze

for some Stylish beautifying tips!

Now darlings, once you have caked your face on the next step is to prepare oneself for
 summer fun!   Brushing up on your poolside etiquette is a must!

(and did anyone guess who the "Amazonian manly-man" was???)
here are some of my essential

must haves:

1. Bathing suit

(is that Tarzan dragging her off to the jungle?)

2. Parasol
(to keep those ugly UV rays at bay!)

3. Bathing cap

(now we don't want to mess up the "Do" do we!)

4. Beach ball
(The perfect poolside accessory!)

Actually, I think
the most important poolside accessory is

a thirst quenching G & T or three
(the more the merrier)

and possibly the most important ...

5.  A HOT summer romance

Ahh yes
(but don't tell the hubby!!!)
(and excuse the cropping - I'm a beginner
and I could have spent hours trying to perfect this but alas I have housework to do -
*ahem* *cough* *splutter*)
 Don't ya just LOVE the way that Don Draper is ogling me!  I just know he wants me :-)

Well anyway loveys
enjoy your last day of Christmas preparations
and I hope these hot tips help!

Ciao,  Dee x


  1. Tee hee you lovely lady!!! You had me a giggling!!!
    Wishing the most gorgeous Christmas day filled with love and happiness!!!!
    Sending a furry squirrel hug
    Love V

  2. Bahahhaaa!!!
    Happy holidays and Don groping,darl!!!

  3. Great post.
    Happy New year!


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