Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First to GUESS is a WINNER!

Hi everyone ...

I found this old photo in my archives the other day and I thought it would be FUN to play a guessing game!

PS: that's me on the left in my "half cut/50% bogan/50% gypsy/fruit picking/lack of responsibility" era many moons ago. On the right is one of my all time favourite extra special drinking buddies, Donna!

If you are the FIRST (yes that's right poppets) FIRST to guess who this dapper gentleman in the middle is, you will WIN a handmade vintage inspired full gathered skirt made by "moi".

It could look a bit like this-

You can select a fabric of your choice from my "FABRIC STASH" here on my blog or nip across to my Facebook page and LIKE me and search the "fabric stash album" there too!

Conditions of entry:

1.  You need to be actively "Following" my blog and "Liking" my FB page!

2.  The first person to leave the correct answer in the comments section below is the winner!!!

3.  To make it interesting I will leave one hint every day until you guess who it is!!!

4.  Some of you may need to ask your mothers, or dare I say it ... Grandmothers for some help!

5.  You must have fun!


Hint # 1:  He is a musician!

Good Luck!

Dee xox


  1. Oh oh I so want one of your gorgeous skirts but I have know idea who he is!!!!! Poo poo. I will stay tuned to the hints. Great fun sweet!!! V

  2. OOOoooohhh that skirt is DIVINE! Hmmm... I am putting my thinking cap on...

    Fab giveaway! I shall share the love on twitter too!

    Sarah xxx

  3. First thought is Buzz Aldrin?

  4. Keep guessing sweet peas .... another clue has been posted today!

    Dee x


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