Friday, December 2, 2011

Thank god it's Friday ...........

Friday nights used to be filled with glasses of wine, dressing up, hanging with friends, wandering down to what ever local pub I was living near at the time, more drinkie poos and then after happy hour, several games of pool and a win on the raffles we would head onto the dance floor for some serious hours of grooving!!!

Remember those days?????

This was one of my fave's ............... ciggie in one hand, drink in the other!

Rain by Dragon

Now days its more like fish n chips on the lounge room floor with the kids and then some serious blobbing on the couch in front of telly!!

oh how times have changed, today I have a serious case of pub dance floor withdrawals *sigh*

but I'm good at improvising these days - there is a bottle of wine in the fridge and I can get my old music out and still go to town ...........

So what was your favourite pub-dancing song???
Hope your all enjoying your friday evening!!!

Dee xox


  1. Oh Dee I remember those days too!!!! Hmmm to old now, the over forty knees and hang-over that hurts far to much has taken care of that. Happy weekend to you V

  2. Chisel! Oh man, I would still gladly have Mr Moss's boots under my bed. (Surely he'll adore my vintage sheets and candlewick bedspread!?)

    Sarah xxx

  3. They haven't changed much although I can't climb up on the podium as fast as I used to (damned hip replacement)!
    Groove Is The Heart by Dee-Lite has me back in the rave era. x


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