Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pearly whites ...

Hi All,

Today I drove to Wang to take my gorgeous baby girl, Nikita to the DENTIST !

(notice it says ME not my girl!!!)

I was seriously shitting myself as I haven't had a filling since I was about 7 years old
(and neither Grace nor Teo have any - oh woops - Grace and Teo are Nikita's older siblings!)
and my memories of that incident surely didn't leave me with the "warm and fuzzies". 
I can't say I remember the pain but it can't have been overly pleasant as I was gripping the old wooden arm chair like there was no tomorrow and then the nurse yelled at me to stop squeezing her arm and move mine away!  DOH!  How the hell did I know it was her freaking arm???? 
(it felt as stiff as an old wooden arm chair!!!)

Luckily for me I have good healthy teeth because if I didn't I'd be such a wos, woose, wuss !! 
So, like the "worry wart" mum that I am, I had been playing the whole dental visit up, telling Nikita how much fun it would be (shhh) and that she may get a sticker or something at the end.  I even booked myself into the local dentist for an annual clean last week and purposely took Nikita along to pretend I was really enjoying it  (ahem) just so she would get used to the environment and think it was going to be nothing other than goodness!

Ha, well I didnt really need to go through all that palaver as she happily got up on the dental chair, popped her sunnies on and did everything Miss Dental Nursie asked her to without even flinching once and my brave girl had the decay "cleaned" out and filled with "stuff" to keep all the "yukky germs" away! 
(as said almost word for word by the reassuring Miss Dental Nurse)

All in all it was a very happy experience for both mother and child!!! 

Anyway pets, it's time for beddie bize, I managed to sneak in a bit of op shopping in between dental visits and xmas shopping so will post photos tomorrow!

Night xox

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  1. That made me laugh! I hate the dentist and it's just a lot of money for someone to give you pain!


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