Friday, May 4, 2012

I'm getting my MOJO back...

Today was the perfect day at home to get back into the swing of things
kids were at school and childcare
weather was cold out
heater was cranking in my studio
and I was a workin that sewing machine!
But firstly a few photos of my beloved Tassie ...

the scenery is to die for

the beer was mighty good too

even the kids had fun

the views were incredible

the serenity

the seafood

the seaside

and can you spot the little critters in the bush?

I have discovered a big hairy critter in my sewing room!
A huntsman the size of a saucer!
I'm ok with that as long as he keeps his beady eyes and hairy legs to himself. 
When I can't see him I get the heeby jeebies.
This cool change is perfect for bunking down and sewing.
Hope you are all planning a fab weekend
Dee xox


  1. My parents loved Tassie it looks amazing! I don't think I could handle knowing there was a huntsman in a room I was working in!! xx

  2. Stunning photos, Tasmania looks incredible, and you and your family are delightful! xxx

  3. Dee! what beautiful pics - and YAY for getting your mojo back - your kids are so beautiful and Tassie is gorgeous. I fully plan to retire there and build a straw bale house and grow berries. See you there?

    Sarah xxx (PS I know I owe you an email - sorry, lovely, it's coming!!)

  4. Scenery and a brewery? I'm going!
    It looks fantastic, your pictures are gorgeous and those kiddies of yours are beauties. xxx

  5. These make me want to go to Tassie even more, I've a few ideas floating around my head for a holiday early 2013 and although going to Tassie seems like the least "exotic" it sure does look incredible!

  6. Glad you liked my little ditty over at Helgas :D I thought I'd pop in and say hello...., 'Hello!' Had a quick squizz of yer blog, love the Tassie Photos. Be back to see you soon. x

  7. Nice pictures! =)

  8. Hey Dee, sounds like you had a fab hol.... love the pics although it looks a wee bit chilly up at the lookout....

    Visited Tassie in June last year... What was I thinking? It was freezing but wonderful to finally get there....

    Well done on finding your mojo, but I think I would have to rehome hairy Mr. H before I could get back into the swing of sewing.

    Have a great weekend and Mothers Day.....

    Claire :}


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