Thursday, November 8, 2012

A week of instagram

Whilst I have every intention of sitting at the computer to up date you all on my dandy wee life
the reality is I've been finding it time consuming
and it cuts in to my productive hours!
(please forgive)
I just don't have enough hours in my day to achieve all that I want!
(me thinks I should lower my expectations somewhat!)
Anyway, I have been sewing madly the last few weeks to replenish stock for the market season
and I have been showcasing some of my dresses in a local shop during the
Melbourne Cup weekend and our local Hot Rod weekend.
(it's all rather exciting)
I have many projects on the go at present and I'm feeling a bit scattered!!
But my motivation has been high and I have spent many hours whirring away happily
and these are the results ...

Love this girly dress

this has pockets and groovey print

mustard florals with pockets

thats right - they are all handmade!

Selina Lakes book "Homespun Style"
Have you seen it?  The colours are amazing!

Her first big performance!

a few market treasures

my latest score!
($10 thank you very much)

These next ones are a tad blurry!  (Damn those settings on the camera!)
Just enough fabric for another Smurf dress

sunny yellow

pocket details (well blurry details)
Yikes!  Gotta go  and rescue the washing!  The rains are coming!
mwah x


  1. The dresses are just gorgeous. Love the first girly one. The girls look so cute!

  2. Smurf dress, are you kidding me that RULES!!!! I love all your beautiful dresses, so girlie they make me want to twirl. You have got mad skillz! The picture of your lil one and those other angles is too cute for words!

  3. Onya Dee, love all the dresses particularly the umbrella girl dress, wish all it took was a belt to give my waist that nice cinched/slim look, hehe!!

    Hope the performance was a success, they all look gorgeous in their sequins.
    Great map, takes me back to primary school, hmm, not sure if I really want to go there, haha......

    Hope you haven't been washed away it's been so wet, garage flooded yesterday, blah!!
    See you in a week......

    CLaire x

  4. Yah! So many pretty dresses. I love the first one and the smurf one too :)

  5. Very nice dresses and the smurf dress is just awesome ! XX

  6. You are just incredible! I could just see Krista in the Smurf frock! x

  7. Love the dresses - especially the first one!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. I am literally swooning over your dresses, they are so gorgeous. FAbulous score with the map. Yes, I think I've got that Selina Lake book - or maybe another one by her, I can't quite remember. I like to go to bed (early) with it and drool over the pics. That's right, I need to get a life! xx

  9. Sunny yellow and groovy print are my faves. But everything you make is beautiful, Dee. Good luck with all your markets and events. xxx

  10. Gorgeous stuff as always, love your sew-in labels and you did incredibly well with that massive sort-out you had, now your sewing room will always make an amazing photographic background, what a bonus hey?!

  11. GORGEOUS frocks, as always! Love the beautiful florals - of course - and the book is gorgeous. Hope you are making a motzah this weekend!!! Big hugs, babe. Sarah xxx

  12. All your dresses are fabulous but that top one is especially gorgeous. I love the print.

  13. You have been very busy sewing away, and I really like the sunny yellow dress. I LOVE the picture of all the girls looking up. It is so special.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  14. You are so clever! Your dresses and prints are amazing!

    Yes - this computer thing is a real time chomper. I do it when I'm boob-feeding (which happens to be a lot!)

  15. Gotta love those vintage maps! Love the holly hobby style print dress & the smurf one...;-)

    I love your sweet frocks!
    And the map is as fabularse as YOU!


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