Sunday, December 2, 2012

Going for a ride on a big jet plane - hey hey - hey hey - hey hey

Yes lovelies,
it's that time again for my customary annual/bi-annual pilgrimage across the
(Tasman Sea for those that don't know our slang down under)
The kids and I are gunna take a ride on a big jet plane
and head back to New Zealand in just over a week
to hang out with the maddening crowd!
(that would be the family and all its extensions!!)
Am I excited?  Just a tad.
It's my way of re-connecting, re-charging and relaxing!
I can't wait to see my old stomping ground

(Mount Taranaki)
and hang out with people that I love and adore!
These past few weeks have gone so fast,
I have

been entertained by tigers

sorted, tagged and priced dresses for sale

participated in my first ever "Suitcase Rummage"
in Melbourne.  It was a huge day, up at 5am, drove 4 hours to Melbourne, got there early and thankfully parked the car right outside the front door!  Had time for a coffee break and then the girls and I lugged our suitcases (3) up the stairs and into the Thornbury Theatre to display our wares!
It was a fabulous day with good sales and lots of potential customers including a few orders after the fact!  Got to be happy with that :-)

a quick stop at the "oppie" and I scored a few pretties for more frock making!
Lucky my mum has a good sewing machine and overlocker so I am taking some pattern pieces with me just incase I have withdrawals!  I am secretly looking forward to scouring through a whole heap of NZ op shops!
Today I am packing my bags and tomorrow I head to Melbourne to meet up with a girlfriend
for 3 nights and 4 days of catching up, shopping, exploring and dining!  We haven't seen each other in around 5 years and the two of us back-packed our way around Europe in our hey day so it is sure to be a fun filled week with a dash of reminiscing!
I am going to be in NZ for 5 whole weeks so you may not see me here again until the end of January!
I promise when I get a chance I will be tuning into your blogs and making random comments here and there!  I'm kind of going off the grid for that time with no international roaming as it is so beedin expensive.
I hope you all have a fabulous time over the festive/silly season with lots of thrifty finds in between a wee bit of indulgance!
hugs to you all,
Dee xoxo


  1. Yah! I'm from the Naki too! I'm going to be in Stratford and Onaero around Christmas/New Years if you want to catch up for a coffee. Also - SO MANY pretty frocks. You are such a sewing inspiration.

  2. I recognised the mountain straight away even though I have not been to Taranaki. Hope you have a wonderful long trip and get to explore lots of op shops. I love the vintage dresses - make me think of summer. Merry Christmas!!

  3. The suitcase rummage pics look fabulous and I'm so glad you did so well after all the effort you went to! A summer trip back to NZ ... sigh, I haven't done that in years! Enjoy the op shops, I'm sure you'll be too busy to sew;).

  4. Oh that mountain is so beautiful! Glad to hear your suitcase rummage went well. Have a great trip! xxx

  5. I trust you have a wonderful time over the Ditch. That picture of Mt Taranaki is beautiful! I hope the op shops come up with lots of treasures for you. Oh man I am salivating over that green tablecloth frock with the ric rac. If it didn't sell you must let me know what size it is. Your market set up looks amazing. Merry Christmas! Xx

  6. That mountain is spectacular! Have the best time visiting family, be in the moment! All your dresses look so gorgeous too, glad to her the suitcase sale went so well!

  7. That is one gorgeous glimpse of scenery and I'd die to have a rummage through your suitcase! x

  8. Meep, you'll be sooo close but still so far!
    It'll be wonderful,and make sure you go hard at the oppies, remembering the church ones usually close over Chrissy.....XXX

  9. Wow you have an amazing Xmas and new year planned!! Have fun coz you know I'm not jealous at all. Just think of me moving a house and a shop full on December 23 in Brisbane summer won't you?! Your rummage stall looked awesome and how lucky are you to have an indoors rummage?!

  10. I hope you have a lovely time in NZ. Those fabrics you got from the op shop are fabulous. The tigers look very cute.

  11. Have a wonderful time and safe travels Dee......glad the Suitcase Rummage went well.
    Your trip to Melbourne sounds like a whole lotta fun and the oppies better watch out for you.
    Love the pic of Mt. Taranaki.......see you sometime in the new year.

    Claire x

  12. If you make it to my town, Hamilton, and it happens to be on a Monday, do pop in to my place of work, Remains To Be Scene in Anglesea Street. Enjoy your 5 weeks of Kiwi catching up, hopefully we will switch on summer for you!!!


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