Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've been in hiding ....

Well, not intentionally, life just sort of got away on me and I have
neglected my blog and all you fabulous readers out there!!!
I have made several half hearted attempts at blogging these past few weeks but have abandoned them due to a lack of time and an overwhelming feeling of disorganisation!
We are currently in the throngs of renovation!
Our tatty old and disgustingly vile carpet has been ripped up and dumped.

and so we have been living on concrete!
and everything is Echo.i.n.g!
Our dated kitchen tiles have been jack-hammered to smithereens.

Ceilings have been painted.
Walls have been painted.

Windows have been washed.
Cupboards have been emptied.
All but bare minimum has been removed.

We are camping in at present.
My sewing room is over-crowded and I can't breathe in there

it's a no-sew zone!

More shelving is required, and I have stacks more sheets to be washed, folded and stored!

I think I need a Personal Assistant!
:     :     :     :     :
It all got a bit much for me so one afternoon I escaped to a place of peace ....
Mt Buffalo is literally just up the road!
To keep myself sane I followed the golden rule
and the universe provided me with ...
a current favourite : 50c
a washline full of vintage floral sheets : $2 each
100 luggage tags : 50c
(usually 20-30c each)
A roll of retro wallpaper to go with my (tiny) stash : yes darlings : $2
A pretty ballerina print for Little Miss Nikita's bedroom
A stack of old school chairs at a garage sale

A pretty plate for my increasing collection
and many other assortments!
It sure did put me in a better mood :-)
When I do finally get my house back in order I'll be finishing off a couple of current projects:
a little lace top for my newly turned teenage girl Grace
the backing to my king size patchwork vintage floral bedspread in greens ...
among others ................
Oh and did I mention I have finally succumed to
"Fifty Shades of Grey"
and all its
 (you'll know what I'm talking about if youv'e read the books)
So excuse me wont you, I only have a few more chapters to read till I can finally get back into the world of
Laters Baby x


  1. I love looking longingly at other peoples sewing rooms - It' my dream that one day we'll have a two bedroom apartment and I'll have one of my own (actually - may be a fight to the death whether the extra room is a sewing room or recording studio). You have the best luck op shopping pretty old sheets - I never find anything quite so lovely in these parts. Good luck with the renovations - I am sure it will be fabulous when its done!

  2. Darling it's wonder you're still bloody breathing with all that jackhammering going on!!! What a nightmare, but I'm sure it'll all be done soon. VERY DEFINITELY JEALOUS of the luggage tags, I don't understand kinky fuckery, but it sounds good!

  3. The disruption of house renovations is a pain but it will be worth it in the end. A Personal Assistant would make life so much easier and escaping to somewhere beautiful is always a good strategy! So is op shopping! You always find such nice things, those luggage labels are adorable. Good to have you back! xxxx

  4. Wow, so many things of beauty in this post. The instagram collage is so beautiful. Your sewing room, wowser! And your thrifty buys... like... WOW! Too much excitement to process. I love everything you bought and the lace top is stunning. Hope your household is back to normal soon xx

  5. Looks like you scored some great things. I love all your fabric folded perfectly. The sheets you got are fabulous.

  6. Hey Dee, yes, you get to keep your crown as Queen of Thrifting......

    Love a sneak peek into your sewing room, great fabric stash.
    Nice to have your escape route mapped out and enjoy some freedom too.

    '50 Shades of Grey', nah, but I have heard '50 Shades of Lavington' and it's hilarious.

    All the best with the renos.....

    CLaire :}

  7. Holy guacamole - renovating is MESSY and FABULARSE and EXHAUSTING! Your sewing room is absolutely AMAZING! Love your treasures - I recently picked up a 50 cent cup that is very similar - I love it!

    Can't wait to see you in TEN SLEEPS!!!

    Sarah xxx

  8. So much going on in your world, good luck and lots of patience with that renovation. Yeah for keeping balanced too, nature always returns my bliss. I love all your beautiful fabrics just waiting to be made into whatever your heart desires:). I am so happy to hear you and Sarah and getting together, how cool is that!

    I haven't hoped onto the 50 shades bandwagon, I get my smut for free on the Internet:). Everyone needs a little be of naughty in their life!

  9. Oh I can empathise with your renovation pain, it will be worth it in the end...honest! Make the most of the echoeyness and sing liek no-one can hear cos you'll sound like you're in concert! I reckon I sound the bees knees when I do it! :d Recently decorated two rooms and the carpet layer is here as we speak! I love your stash I could throw myself in that room and roll around in it all until you yell 'Get the feck outta me room! Good to see you back ♥


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