Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vintage patterns galore...........

Hi Folks!

It's been a while ha!
Well, I have had a very slow week in terms of sewing but I have managed some really lovely and long over due "quality" time with the kids!  I have been feeling rather guilty about ignoring them of late and in usual "Dee" fashion my mind is preoccupied with "to do" lists and other stuff  and I float off in my own self absorbed world.  Luckily, for me anyhow, my kids are rather independent creatures but they do need my full attention and I have been rather short with them lately so we needed to spend time together just being!
So last weekend I made an executive decision not to bother with work (of any kind) and on Saturday we packed a wee bag of snacks, joined our friends down the road and went exploring our local tracks.  (All within 1 km of our front door).  We walked down Solly's Lane, ran around the mountain bike track and over the jumps.  We proceeded to the "Fairy walk" through a shaded area where moss grows on the rocks, over the Ovens river via the swing bridge and sat under a big old Oak tree and had chips, oranges and lollies. 
Then we continued down the track to the rivers edge where the kids skimmed stones across the river.  Up over the big old bridge and down to our local park for a swing, a play and lots of chit chat.
All for FREE, lots of sunshine, hanging with friends, exercise and fresh air!
Can't ask for more aye,
LOVE IT :-) 

Sunday was much the same.....spent time at the "big" park in town hanging with friends again and catching up with lots of local faces.  Good coffee, happy children, sunshine, and ice creams! YUM.  I feel it has been too long since I truly allowed myself to relax like that and enjoy the kids
 (a bit sad really!)

and then.............

I had the nicest surprise when my lovely friend Amanda arrived carrying a very unassuming pile of plastic shopping bags filled to the brims........for me

Her darling mum (and Amanda) had gone through her mums cupboards and very kindly donated not 3 bags full but 4 bags full of the most insanely delicious
 vintage patterns...

Mad your heart out!!!

Check out the Betty, Joanie and Peggy styles!!!
I am in love and I am soooooooooooo unbelievably grateful!

More from the 60's, 70's and 80's!!!

And even more for kids!!!
(and that was only half of them)

I swear I can't sleep at night as I am thinking of all the lovely garments I want/need to make!
Where on earth do I start????????

There are so many here I could open a vintage pattern shop!!!

I was also given some lovely fabrics to add to the stash and here's a sneak peek (below) of fabric I am currently working on...........more to be revealed soon :-)

Anyway lovelies, hope you are having a great week!  Oh, did anyone frock up for Cup Day or Oaks Day?  I have to admit I fell asleep on the couch on cup day and the kids had to yell at me to wake me up!  oops.........

keep smiling ;-0



  1. How lucky are you! I was only looking at vintage children's patterns on ebay this morning....... Happy sewing!!

  2. Oh, how I enjoyed seeing all those patterns. My mom used to sew, and she even made my wedding dress and veil. I have always thought it was such a talent when one could sew. Your post today made me smile.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  3. Eeeeeekkkk they are just fabulous patterns!!! I just love that they have found there way to such a talented lady. I wait with held breath to see your next beautiful frocks. v


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