Monday, November 7, 2011

In a previous life........

Hi lovelies..........

Well the weather is hotting up here in the Mountains and my sewing room is getting a bit too warm to spend the day in!!!  I have had the pedestal fan blasting it's guts out in front of the sewing machine but despite the fact it's on full noise, its just not keeping this gal cool enough!!!   hmmmm..........

One must think seriously about what one is going to do about this issue before the "real" summer kicks in. 

Anyway, In the mean time I have been playing with different fabrics and have come up with a couple of fun numbers I'll be adding to my etsy shop..........real soon!

In a previous life these two pretties were...........wait for it..........

A fun summer frock and an A line skirt with front pockets!  Yay!

Oh I wish I had taken a before shot though.............table cloth on table with devonshire tea and bone china or something!!! But if the truth be known I can't bake scones to save myself!!!  And........I never remember the camera until it's too late!! Bugger!  (next time)

As hard as it was to cut them up I had to be realistic.  As tablecloths they would annoy me with all their beetroot and tea stains, fading and frays but with a bit of ingenuity and precarious pattern piece placement I can see the potential in almost anything!

That's what I love about this "craft"!

Well possums, hope your week is off to a great start.

chat again soon

Dee xox

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  1. Ooh ooh ooh! Will that frock fit me? I LOVE it! You are so clever.

    Sarah xxx


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