Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hot Pink never dies..........

Morning all..............

I'm guessing most of you are enjoying Fathers Day where ever you are.............. did dad get breakfast in bed at your house?  Did he get any special gifts?

Well in our household Mr ODB is super practical, he doesn't do breakfast in bed, he got up before everyone else and had his customary bowl of cereal!  But the kids scurried around the house this morning, making a fuss over him and he accepted an offer for a "posh" coffee from our 12 year old, who has been learning how to use our new fan dangle coffee machine (god I love having a Barista in the house!! )  Mr ODB was delighted when he opened his present and there were 2 pairs of "explorer" socks!!!  (His request - and see I told you, he is Mr Practical - with a capital P!)

Anyway, like every other year..........he left for work at 8.45am.  So me and the kids are bunking down on this wet Sunday fathers day and I will head out to the sewing room sometime after a blog post and a "speed clean".

In the meantime, I'm in a Hot Pink mood today so thought I'd throw a bit of eye candy at you all...... and for me, a little reminiscing.

In the 70's we grew Camellia's in our garden........... and my guess is my Mum must have loved them so much we bought an Austin 1100 and named her....


And YES, she was HOT PINK!

I thought it was such a Nana car (and it was)!  But we had lots of fun driving around town in Camellia with mum and her friends, and all us kids piled in the back.  Of course none of us wore seat belts back then.............amazing I'm still here to tell the story really.

I also had a daisy doll, she wore hot pink dresses and had brown hair

just like me!

She had a Mary Quant table and chairs it was VERY cool...

We would try to make dinner sets and food for Daisy using

FIMO - have you ever tried it?

we tried our hand at cakes...

but they never turned out this good!

In the early eighties we'd go roller skating every weekend............

I never had flash boot skates like these but we would improvise..........

we used our gumboots, strapped into out roller skates and we'd fold the top of the gumboot down!  It worked a treat.

When I grew up (?) I wore this hot pink dress to a wedding.......

I found it at the Savemart Secondhand clothing in Mount Maunganui.  It has the most stunning floral design.

Anyway lovelies, thats a little bit of trivia for you this sunday morning..........I'm off to sew sew sew, I have had a few "etsy" orders this week, so that is very exciting for little ole me!

Enjoy ;-)



  1. Oh oh I love Miss Camellia!!! Her colour is Devine!!!
    My wee Austin is just cream, but we still love Daisy Boo.
    They are such Nanna cars, it helps me inbrace my inner Nanna, tee hee. V

  2. Yay I loved that post! I had a daisy doll and a sindy doll just like that! I coveted the table and chairs and all that.. but had to make do with ones that I invented!!
    I too had an austin.. my first car! But it was white, and VERY reliable. And $5 petrol would go for miles and miles!! LOL

    Wow I don't think I've ever seen a car so bright pink! Love it!


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