Tuesday, April 26, 2011

1970 circa Black Leather Lounge suite???

I'm posting this on my blog as I am hoping someone out there may have some idea what "Brand" this lounge suite is...................I have owned it for 4-5 years now. I bought it off our local second hand furniture dealer (who has since closed shop and moved on). We used it for 3-4 years before the leather perforated and despite several desperate attempts at patchwork it became obvious it wasn't suitable for a family with 3 children!!! I haven't had the heart to sell it or get rid of it as I totally love it's unusual shape and eclectic "look". It is currently sitting under our large veranda and even though we don't have the dollars to get it re-upholstered I just can't bare to part with it.

If anyone out there has ever come across this model before or anything remotely like it could you please drop me a line. I will post more photos soon!!

I was told it is a 1970 era, with Black wood legs. It is part of a 3 seat sofa, 2 one seaters, a foot stool and a marble top coffee table with leather trim and Black wood legs. Very unusual!!!!!

Anyone out there got any idea?


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