Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I can do "magic" ...

Some of you may be opposed to all things IKEA
(and i can relate)
I've been doing the wonky op shopped office desk thingo for far too long
and when I received a nice little tax return a while back I made the decision to
spend it on a "do up" for the kids study nooks!
I managed to put the first desk together by myself
(although Grace said I swore a LOT)
and Poppa is here at the moment so he helped me with the rest and also to secure
everything to the walls!

I think my kids are pretty happy little Vegemites!
(or Marmites for you NZ readers!)
Yay for tidy, brighter, more organised study nooks.

Dee x


  1. It looks great! I love vintage but I also love Ikea. x

  2. Looks great, well done sweet.
    Happy happy Easter bunny to you.
    Love v

  3. Your kids rooms are NEAT! What's your secret?! xxx


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